Working Together

bripples4-3 copy

Part 1:  Ripples

New inspiration, has urged my Bird-Children to travel and to grow up.  Cath Rennie, a marvelous visual artist, musician and songwriter over at Settle and Chase, has adopted a few of the winged kids along with their scary birds, and has taken them on an adventure across the pond.  While the little ones were in Cath’s capable hands and environments, I had the pleasure of entertaining and transforming Cath’s babies.  She graciously loaned me three of her powerful photos;Woodpile, Doll’s House and Ripples, so that I might try to compliment her photos with my Bird-People.  The image above is a joining of Cath’s Ripples with my winged figure over-top.

With Ripples, I knew I wanted to celebrate the fluidity and light in the photo, so my figure waves with the fabric and light.

I enjoyed every minute of the collaborative process and I’m quite pleased to have taken the journey into Cath’s world.  Take a tour of Settle and Chase  and find the original photos.  You’ll be very glad you did.

Part 2: Doll’s House,  tomorrow

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My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Very beautiful painting. It’s incredibly well made light effect!
    An exceptional work, dear Elena. Congratulations!
    Have a wonderful Sunday. Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  2. I have a sense of a crescendo building up and think I should be listening to a piece of music …
    What a lovely work you created here Elena with your collaberation .
    I have popped over via your link to SettleandChase and can see why the two of you were so happy to join artistic forces .

  3. Fascinating.
    I have never understood why certain “artists” are reluctant to combine their ideas.
    Fusion widens our vision and the final result is always gratifying.
    Thanks for the link. Lots of emotional works there.

  4. It’s thrilling to see the now-somewhat-familiar subject of the bird girls in a new setting. The photograph grants this picture a different aura from the previous ones in the series and appears to have inspired a slightly different direction for your handling of the figure. A lovely piece and a thoroughly effective interplay of the two styles.

  5. Excellent Elena, it’s a great find if you look long enough. what a very cool experience for you and Cath. Love the soft and flowing feel to the piece, the muted colors are wonderfully weaved into the piece.

  6. This is so soft and dreamy. It makes me think of wisdom for some reason. Maybe it’s because in the wings and water I sense another suggestion; that of the “wings” and movement of a leatherback turtle. (I wonder what a baby turtle girl would look like…)
    So graceful! What a beautiful collaboration.

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