Comments on: "Photo Friday" (31)

  1. This maybe a strange comment…but that little snake looks like he’s got a little arm!!! hehe

  2. There is something strangely attractive in the eyes of the snakes.

    The snake slipped away
    but his eyes, having held mine,
    still stare in the grass

    Kyoshi Takahama

  3. He looks like some creature from a sci-fi movie! I thought he had an arm and a flared tail. Curious and very interesting image!

  4. Aw, what a little sweetie. Great capture, Elena.

  5. Nice to look at in a photograph, not so nice when in our garden as a child….

  6. Wow … excellent.

  7. Except for his sticking out of the water, he blends perfectly into the background. How did you spot him?

  8. Wow, look at him! Very cool. I did think he had an arm for a moment and was very startled! 🙂

  9. poppytump said:

    Ooh surprised* … heart beats faster ..
    Lovely lapis lazuli eye 🙂

  10. Thanks for the introduction. I don’t recognise this creature!!

  11. … a tricky close encounter, but with a great result, Elena!

    • I was sort of OK with it until the snake slithered out of my through the lens sight. I moved quickly out of the area then:) Thanks Marina!

  12. I screamed in my mind the moment I saw this photo haha…lol Snakes make me nervous. Great shot though 🙂

  13. Me encanta la foto. También es cierto que no estoy ahí, porque me temo que hubiese huido en espantada.
    Un saludo desde Tenerife.

  14. Awe, he or she is sort of cute. Showing up for a Year of the Snake photo-op, perhaps?

  15. Ha ha ha , Elena you are very courageous. 🙂

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