Watercolor Wednesday


I’m just an amateur photographer, so sometimes great opportunities for marvelous shots are lost due to my inexperience.  This was the case recently when a spectacular heron modeled for me, but all my shots alas, came out blurry.  A photo disappointment for sure, but grist for some watercolor sketches.  Step 1 and 2 below.


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  1. Lovely painting, great colours.

  2. A multi-talented artist. You’ve enhanced their beauty to another level. Mesmerizing!

  3. Sometimes not being able to get a photo is a gift; it forces us to use our powers of memory, & that, combined with imagination, results in something wonderful!

  4. Oh…he looks like a grand old fellow! Sometimes it happens just that way..without the blurry photo this lovely painting may not have been created! 🙂

  5. Love it ! and I would very much like to photograph a heron this colour 😉

  6. Your watercolors are magical.!!!

  7. Technique is something that we can always learn but talent comes from inside.

    You are exceptionally talented and I admired you for that.

  8. Is this a coo-coo bird, because I’m coo-coo for this. The colors are fabulous and the brushwork is amazing.

  9. Nice Heron! Always better to capture visual inspiration with a vibrant sketch than a camera, I say. (maybe that’s the comment of a bad photographer 🙂 ) But I’m the same as you. So much easier and more satisfying to pull out the water colours I find. Like your blog!

  10. Brilliant! These lovely large birds need a bit of vibrance and your watercolors gave them life through your creative painting, look at the personality now!

  11. Gorgeous Heron, he looks like he’s on stage about to fling his cape around!

  12. awesome colors!

  13. O my gosh this is beautiful!

  14. Gorgeous color!

  15. Gorgeous color and such a beautiful and wonderfully gawky creature!

  16. That heron would have ruled in the 1970s! Beautiful sketch.

  17. Wow, what the best dressed Heron is wearing, and such fabulous legs!

  18. Very nice painting, dear Elena! I love the colors you’ve chosen. You are very talented! Thank you so much for, share, with us your work!
    Have a wonderful day! Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  19. Great legs! : )
    That heron has oodles of character, Elena. Almost looks like it is wearing a feather boa – love it!

  20. Who needs to photograph when you can make water colour pictures like this? Awesome. The first heron is really showing itself off. Fantastic lively and full of character. And great colours.

  21. It is beautiful Elena!!!! You can never put aside a pic…You can find inspiration anywhere!!!

  22. Lovely – looks as though he is about to throw his cape over his shoulder and off to do battle … or maybe just show off his beautiful plumage!

  23. I love the wing position, it looks like it is rockin’ a feather boa or sporting a lovely fur coat. 🙂

  24. To bad you didn’t get the shot, perhaps some other time. The painting looks great though!

  25. hooray for blurry pictures we got something lovely out of it!!!!

  26. You almost certainly captured more of the ‘essence’ of the heron than you would have done with a frozen photographic image.

  27. Quite beautiful. I’d love to see that heron in my yard.

  28. I imagine a heron like that in my garden it would be marvelous exciting! 😉

  29. Well I enjoy your photography too, but I really really love your water colors! This is awesome!

  30. poppytump said:

    He is the *Dandiest* Heron I ever saw Elena !
    Truly lovely .

  31. I loved it… Your watercolor talent is amazing. Thanks and Love, nia

  32. that’s a fabulous heron painting! sketch?! he’s gorgeous!

  33. Please forgive me for saying this, but i am very glad your photos came out blurry, as it resulted to this vivid and colorful watercolor. Mind you, no photo could have been that delightful anyway!

  34. exiledprospero said:

    A new superhero?

  35. She’s gorgeous!

  36. Thank you for sharing that!

  37. Wow, pretty intimidating great Heron !
    (by the way, blurred photo is not necessary bad photo 😉 )

  38. Great Blue Herons always remind me of grandfathers…gray and bandy-legged with a neck that looks like an old, protruding Adam’s apple.

  39. Wonderful sketch! I love the colors

  40. There is so much motion in that watercolor.

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