creepinroundA few of the swamp’s little inhabitants.

Comments on: "The Swamp in Miniature" (37)

  1. eternalcadence said:

    hey…i really love your photography….and you took all shots with such details… i like it 🙂 great work Elena xo

  2. settleandchase said:

    I love (and completely relate to) your love and fascination for these small things. Little wonders that bring joy to the heart!

  3. Lets the music play!
    Here come the actors!

  4. Excellent capture, dear Elena!
      Very beautiful these jewels of nature! Excellent photos! Congratulations!
    Have a wonderful day, dear Elena. Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

  5. Very nice shots, Elena!

  6. Looks like a dangerous place with lots of monsters.

  7. Cute little lady bug (:

  8. Natures treasures! Love your photography ~

  9. Ooo… 😦 I’m scared of insects! But I really liked the Ladybug!! 😀

  10. Swamps are so cool!

  11. A place teeming with life – nice images, Elena. : )

  12. Perfect little red ladybug on a big green leaf.

  13. awwww, caterpillar. 🙂

  14. Lovely to see them 🙂 Very nice shots.

  15. A fun collection of all kinds of small animals. Well captured, Elena.

  16. There’s a whole different world in the swamp – and you clearly revel in it!

  17. I especially like those Damselfly, Dragonfly.
    They are quite difficult to capture —- well done Elena.

  18. I see some new drawings from these…

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