Watercolor Wednesday

bstooping copy


Bold and heavy here-experimenting with darks. I think I prefer lighter, with outrageous color. Perhaps I’ll try the same subject with lots of color for next week…

Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (42)

  1. The look, the body language … the mood … all beautifully rendererendered hhere Elena 🙂

  2. Very strong portrait Elena.. powerful.

  3. If I say this is wonderful, it will sound too simple. I really can’t stop looking at it, I think it has a great set of emotions in it, and the dark parts just point to this girl’s emotional state..apathy and disappointment. Great work! 🙂

  4. It is not easy to make this kind of painting in watercolour, but you really did great work here, all details of her position seem very well and impressive… Wonderful painting. Thanks and Love, nia

  5. A pensive sadness steals over her face.

    I love the bittersweet mood of this portrait.

  6. Superb Elena!

  7. I wish I had lips like that. Can you hook me up with some? She’s lovely. I love her pose. Who was your model?

  8. I think you nailed it with the color. Of course you have seen enough of my art by now to know that I LOVE big bold colors!

  9. I really like the light and colorful better. There’s so much more emotion in it – at least for me. My first thought when I scrolled down…she’s upset or consumed with something…your work is amazing – as always!

  10. Very very beautiful portraits, dear Elena!
    It amazes me how talented you are!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  11. Very nice! The darks are such a new direction from what I’ve seen before – great experiment!

  12. Very nice…love the pose.

  13. poppytump said:

    I think it’s lovely Elena .

  14. A wonderful painting, as always Elena. That is a striking pose!

  15. I wonder what is on her mind. She looks a bit serious. Lots of feeling and color.

  16. Wonderful pose 🙂 This is a beautiful painting.

  17. with the dark she seems to me that she is in a sulk. I like this. 😉

  18. Beautiful pose and portrait! Always such a wonderful job with skin and skin tones!

  19. I agree it has a heavier feel, but in an interesting way – makes me wonder what or who she was looking at and thinking.

  20. I see strength and determination here.
    These colours do portray a different feel for sure. Weighted thoughts. Terrific!

  21. She looks tired and a little sad…maybe apprehensive? Waiting for some news…waiting for someone?

  22. I like what this portrait tells me about the character. I shall be interested to see whether a change of palette preserves or challenges that perception. Isn’t the choice of palette influenced by what you feel to be the true personality of the subject?

  23. I think I agree about the “outrageous color” and also prefer it, however I love the bold lines on the second one too! Well done!!!!

  24. Oh, I like the darkness. Nice emotional weight. Lovely painting, Elena!

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