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  1. Here s the second but I’m trying to get you to the first blog which came through Facebook and WordPress. xo

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: One Leg to Stand on Date: September 12, 2014 at 4:06:53 PM EDT To: Subject: [New post] Support Groups Reply-To: “One Leg to Stand on”

  2. Elena, you find the most magical, unusual scenes..a spot of hope this is..lovely.

  3. Hi Elena, been thinking about you….. How are you this evening? Sleeping maybe I was just looking through your blogs, and found the watercolor of the Little Girl wondering??, is that D?? And I just had fun looking through the ‘stretched and distorted ‘ pictures trying to decide if I recognized anyone?!.!? Call me when you have a minute, tea anytime PW wants to get together too. Any times you d like to go? Miss you my friend… xo Terry

  4. It’s magical! 🙂
    I reckon if I stare long enough … a little fairy will run through the foliage or maybe just swoop down and lightly skip along the surface of the water.

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