Comments on: "Photo Friday" (53)

  1. Terry Meier said:

    Here s the second but I’m trying to get you to the first blog which came through Facebook and WordPress. xo

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: One Leg to Stand on Date: September 12, 2014 at 4:06:53 PM EDT To: Subject: [New post] Support Groups Reply-To: “One Leg to Stand on”

  2. settleandchase said:

    Elena, you find the most magical, unusual scenes..a spot of hope this is..lovely.

  3. And the light of the Divine shines on you! Love the rays 🙂

  4. Please Elena, tell my dear bird-children everything is ready to come on stage. I miss them a lot.

  5. Terry Meier said:

    Hi Elena, been thinking about you….. How are you this evening? Sleeping maybe I was just looking through your blogs, and found the watercolor of the Little Girl wondering??, is that D?? And I just had fun looking through the ‘stretched and distorted ‘ pictures trying to decide if I recognized anyone?!.!? Call me when you have a minute, tea anytime PW wants to get together too. Any times you d like to go? Miss you my friend… xo Terry

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo.

  7. Ahhh..this makes me feel cool on such a warm day as we’re having here in southern PA.

  8. Very beautiful picture, dear Elena! I love the light sifted!
    Have a wonderful day and Many Blessings.
    Big hugs, much love, Ştefania! 🙂

  9. I reckon there be ‘squitoes 😉

  10. Beautiful early morning light! Very well captured Elena.

  11. The sweet little fern appears to be dancing in the spotlight. Love the background scenery!

  12. It’s magical! 🙂
    I reckon if I stare long enough … a little fairy will run through the foliage or maybe just swoop down and lightly skip along the surface of the water.

  13. It looks like a prehistoric swamp, your little bird people would be right at home here.

  14. nice light and feel 🙂

  15. beautiful light Elena.

  16. Paz, sosiego, olor a tierra y a cielo.

  17. A superb unobtrusive backdrop for the elegant, sunlit fern. A beautiful picture.

  18. Awesome, I love this picture!!! Bravo!!!

  19. Lovely photograph – the backdrop for the fern steals the show, from colors to reflecting light. Wonderful!

  20. Lovely dappled light on the great swamp. : )
    It looks both welcoming and mysterious, a place for adventures!
    A beautiful photograph, Elena.

  21. Lovely! Has a magical feel to it.

  22. Ohh, very nice, Elena! Such wonderful color and light.

  23. I like this depth —- somewhat enchanting danger,
    bottomless water ? 🙂

  24. Beautifully atmospheric! The background makes me think of Gerhard Richter paintings.

  25. Nice work on this one–f/g vs b/g–lovely. All this nearby?

  26. You catched the sunlight!

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