Photo Friday


Lily Series 2


Comments on: "Photo Friday" (31)

  1. Fantastic! Wonderful shot.

  2. I love the shape and composition .. Oh and the colours of course..

  3. So pretty.

  4. A beautiful picture in every sense.

  5. Beautiful image! Lily is so beautiful!
      Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  6. Spectacular! I love how graphic this is. Great shot.

  7. La belleza sublime de la madre Naturaleza.

  8. The colours are beautiful. Orange lilies always make me think of my grandmother’s garden. : )

  9. A delightful image. I love how you have used the complementary colours of green and orange to make this photo stand out – but in a subtle way by not saturating the colours.

  10. Lovely shot! Beautiful colors

  11. Superb, Elena!
    Happy weekend!

  12. My lilies never looked so pretty!

  13. I like this one Elena. Lily was no drowned 🙂
    and shown in the depth.
    Good composition.

  14. Still ever so lovely and calm…and still look like they are floating in water …like special river lilies…as one would find in the world of river nymphs 🙂

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