I’ve hundreds of half- baked little sketches floating around that I’ve decided to share with you. These share no common materials or themes at all.  I’m calling them Little Weirdies because that’s precisely what they are.

Comments on: "Little Weirdies:The Plan" (38)

  1. I like this – it suggests a preparatory drawing for a wood carving.

  2. Impressive drawing, dear Elena! It is very successful! I have every admiration for your talent born! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you will share in the future, with us, your work so wonderful!
    I hope you have a wonderful day! Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to see more of your collection, your little weirdies should enjoy their time in the sun after having been tucked away!

  4. I love your contour approach to lines and shading, really unusual and effective!

  5. Love this – Little Wierdies! You’re creativity never fails to amaze me Elena. Man does this guy have shifty eyes or what – there is a story there somewhere.

  6. If that’s half-baked, then half-baked has never tasted any better, Elena!
    What is he plotting?

  7. I love this little weirdie!
    Great sketch ~ looking forward to seeing more! 🙂

  8. Nice sketch – you are very good at capturing character!

  9. Nothing weird at all, very thoughtful.

  10. I love seeing the detail of pen strokes. Very nice sketch, Elena.

  11. Ooo Elena…he’s on to something! And as I type this the name Jack Nicholson popped into my head! Hmmmm…..

  12. Simple and complex at the same time!

  13. poppytump said:

    This guy sure does look like he is cooking up a plan Elena ! Hmmmm strokes chin thoughtfully Lol

  14. There’s a story brewing there – lovely drawing, Elena!

  15. Woo! I love the line drawing and I love the name! Wonderful hatching and very interesting character!

  16. I don’t know why you call it half —
    When I see this, without my specs, (somewhat blurred image but in perfect 3D 😉 )
    I saw quite realistic character there. It’s a different technique isn’t it ?

  17. He’s a pensive chap. Bring on the wierdies!

  18. Great! Will look forward to seeing more weirdies!

  19. not weirdie–very cool! sketches are so wonderful. We get to see your mind working.

  20. I love the title and it “weirdly” suits them!
    Brilliant expression.

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