Watercolor Wednesday


A very simple little watercolor with a small Photoshop tweak, (the angle of the hair drips;)


Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (68)

  1. Simple but beautiful. Really like this one Elena 🙂

  2. Incredible form and movement in this one Elena!

  3. The stillness of movement.

    I adore its deceptive simplicity.

  4. Wish I were still limber enough to get into a position like that! She’s lovely, Elena.

  5. Superb Elena. Love how it can convey so much within it’s simplicity!

  6. A fantastic gesture and caught movement!

  7. Elena, this is amazing. I think its beauty lies in its simplicity!

  8. So simple and elegant – I think I have a new favorite Elena!

  9. poppytump said:

    .. a fleeting imaginary moment captured beautifully with your watercolours Elena !

  10. This is beautiful – so much freedom and grace from such a simple, eloquent form.

  11. […]      (Quality sake,  please see her Original Drawing there) […]

  12. I wish I were as free.

  13. you call it simple. I call it movingly beautiful.

  14. I love those ‘simple’ watercolors: just some water running over the paper and you are able to show a lot. Great one, Elena!

  15. oO!

  16. Apu/Thorsten said:


  17. An excellent example of minimalism in watercolour.

  18. beautiful dancing shape and sharp oneness !

  19. Beautiful curve, very expressive.

  20. I like how simple this looks, Elena!

  21. Again an outline all too beautiful, dear Elena! I would love to see her in the end!
    Hope you have a wonderful day. Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  22. Simple but beautiful!

  23. Oh my…simplicity at its finest!! That hair, those hips, those drips! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

  24. It always amazes me how you with only a few brush strokes can create such expressive paintings. Unnecessary to say that I love this! So much life and energy – and beautiful colours taken from a limited palette.

  25. Oh Elena…she is lovely!!!!! 🙂 Gentle too

  26. I like her sooooo much! I mean, the hair is so effective. The simplicity is what draws me in. You really have quite the gift, darling.

  27. Exciting piece today Elena! Love the flow, movement and lines leading you right out the top right (like flying ribbons that gymnasts use).

  28. Ah, lovely, Elena!!!

  29. This is the very problem I’ve been trying to solve many years.
    Looks almost carefully negotiated line was created by a flick of blush instant.
    Where this control came from ?
    I want to re-blog and discuss further.

    • I’d be flattered Yoshi. I guess, I plan in my head a bit to make sure the figure will fit on the page (mentally count out head size both vertically and horizontally, but really loosely). Then see the movement on the spine and extremities. The force takes over. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t:)

  30. Excellent feel of motion here.

  31. I like it!

  32. Wow! A marvelously fluid dancer, maybe with dreadlocks or just wild hair. Those simple paint strokes making up the figure are genius. (Also, I can’t remember the last time I said “marvelously” lol) 😉

  33. Lovely body angle!

  34. Oh, I like this. So much revealed through so little.

  35. Jane Thorne said:

    Oh Elena, I love the fluidity of your watercolour figures. x

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