Portrait On Linen



Charming R.

Comments on: "Portrait On Linen" (72)

  1. This is excellent!

  2. Excellent… 🙂

  3. elmediat said:

    Superb piece. Full of life and character.

  4. Wow Elena, fantastic. Proportions, lighting…. you nailed it!

  5. Especially wonderful eyes!

  6. The depth in this beautiful portrait is . . . stunning!

  7. beautiful!!!

  8. Just beautiful Elena…

  9. Your portraits always blow me away! Beautiful amazing work, and I love the expression.

  10. exiledprospero said:

    Beautiful, Elena.

  11. Amazing work! I love your portrait paintings so much, they are not only portraits, they are alive, they talk to you, they have character, and there’s much more that I can’t explain as I’m not a good speaker. Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings!

  12. Excellent, dear Elena, Thanks and Love, nia

  13. Wow, fantastic 🙂

  14.   Amazing portrait, dear Elena! Congratulations! You are truly very talented!
    Thank you for sharing! Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  15. Gorgeously rendered–they just get stronger and stronger!

  16. I love it that you can see your presence in this – there’s a very strong through line with your other work. Great portrait.

  17. Stunning work Elena! You have a great understanding of light, which is such an important aspect of any form of visual art.

  18. Nice work as usual Elena. Oil on linen! One would almost get the idea that you’re starting to enjoy the medium 🙂 Lovely.

    • 🙂 I’ve always loved oils, but canvas not so much. So I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of surfaces. Right now, I’m loving a good stretched linen. Thanks much Ian!

  19. I like your portraits of this young lady – I’m just not sure I can appreciate the texture from the screen image.

    • So true Louis, the textures get lost. Working on the linen is a dream-a wonderful texture, but the more complex the texture it seems, the more difficult to capture in a photo. At least for me:)

  20. poppytump said:

    A very compelling portrait Elena .

  21. Such a wonderful portrait, one for the viewer to really gaze at and admire. I like the fall of the light, and the glints through the hair and oh those expressive eyes.

  22. Just lovely Elena… absolutely lovely..

  23. This is amazing and attractive 😀
    Wonderful work indeed 🙂

  24. Gorgeous portrait Elena! Love her skin tones and eyes. You know how to work those value ranges so well – shows tremendous technicals.

  25. Fantastic, she is indeed charming. She looks as though she is just going to stand up.

  26. Wow! So amazingly expressive. The skin tone is always so great!

  27. That is incredible! Such a lovely painting.

  28. Ah, that’s a beautiful portrait, Elena!!!

  29. Stunning Portrait. Her Character was vividly captured —– I guess, she believes ghost 🙂

  30. Amazing! I love your portraits!

  31. Excellent work — this portrait feels very alive!

  32. Very beautiful!

  33. Oh wow! This is so beautifully done!!!! Life like almost 😀

  34. Stunning Portrait.

  35. This is beautiful, Elena. I particularly love her eyes.

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