Comments on: "Photo Friday" (53)

  1. settleandchase said:

    Oh, so secretively gorgeous..don’t you love them?! Love how these leaves frame the face..

  2. beware, big cat is watching you 😉
    beautiful quality with colors, peacefull feeling

  3. I know its sinister eyes. But my cats (when we lived together)
    were too attached to me. They just come-out to play with me.

  4. Beware! The cunning cat is watching you.

  5. Gorgeous! I recognise that look – darn, you got me!

  6. Top shot Elena! Beautiful composition. I love how the leaves make a perfect frame there:)

  7. long story, very short: wonderful photo! last but not least: I’m a catlover, à la vie, à la mort… 🙂 My very best and tons of inspiration, Mélanie NB

  8. What a cute little surprise!

  9. So…I was on my WP Reader ready to click on this post when I noticed the cat! The photo is like those “….when you see it” types! Hehehe.

  10. I love how the cat peers out behind the leaves. And I think it’s great that only one eye is looking out while the other is hidden. It looks like the cat is spying on us.

  11. and not a slug hole in sight on those beautiful Hosta leaves.. well I think they’re Hosta leaves?

  12. That’s such a nice photo Elena. The quizzical eye peering out.

  13. Simply stunning photo !

  14. Very nice take pictures cat! I think, cat it hides the hot sun, seek shade!
    Thank you so much for sharing dear Elena!
    Have a wonderful day! Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

  15. How surprising to see his face! Great shot, Elena! 🙂

  16. Puss has found the perfect patch!

  17. ¡Ahora me ven, ahora no me ven!
    Preciosa foto.
    Un abrazo,

  18. Awwwwww……. 🙂

  19. the composition is fantastic! Lovely kitty too 🙂

  20. Camera shy Kitty!!

  21. THAT is a great composition, and a happy home.

  22. You hardly notice the cat at first glance… it looks like a black background then, you see the eye, and only last the white!
    Very artistic, lovely!

  23. Great catch!

  24. Well, Helllloooo!

  25. you can guess, this is my best one 🙂 so beautiful. Thank you dear Elena, have a nice weekend, love, nia

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