Divide Series Continued

bdivide5 copy

Pre “divide”

bdivided5 copy

The finished piece.

Comments on: "Divide Series Continued" (71)

  1. Hi, thanks for your appreciation on my drawing!

  2. Do you wish you didn’t put that over-wash on there?

  3. The “veiling ” is very effective Elena..changes from open to closed.. so clever !

  4. Your creativity is unmatched, this piece is stunning. I love the white wash, from the types of strokes to how you managed to push her back – it provides a whole different look for this young girl. Who by the way, is quite extraordinary.

  5. Beautiful Elena…How it changes!!! The result is great!!!

  6. Beautiful Elena. Looking at the finished piece gives me a sense of calm – don’t know why, don’t need to know why 🙂

  7. Your veil across the second adds a revealing sense of activity, movement. Beautiful work!

  8. So very touching and beautiful…

  9. Klausbernd said:

    GREAT picture of a georgeous looking girl.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Greetings from the North Norfolk coast

  10. Mike Schultz Paintings said:

    I love this one– feels a bit ghostly, and you really captured some feeling in her eyes. Thanks for sharing…

  11. I like it…that band over her eyes…at first it may seem like it’s shielding her vision, but you know when I keep looking at it…it becomes’s allowing her to see through the illusions..and into reality 🙂

  12. Semi-hidden behind a window, the girl gets annoyed, and looks at us with a harsh stare because we don’t respect her intimacy.

  13. She’s splendid, Elena. The veil of white draws the eye in wonderful ways.

  14. So beautiful so beautiful dear Elena, you are amazing. Thank you, love, nia

  15. […] I saw the paintings in a fantastically talented artist Elena Caravera’s blog, of […]

  16. She is gorgeous, elena. love the division you have created as well. Very powerful.

  17. Beauty and powerfulness~ love it ^^

  18. Incredible how a few white brush strokes can make this face even more interesting and her gaze stronger! 🙂 Beautifully done, Elena!

  19. Just wow. What a stunning portrait. The finished piece is even more striking than the first. She has such a sad or wistful look, which is intensified with the changes. Outstanding!

  20. The first portrait conveys the impression of a reasonably self-assured person, able to face the artist. The second suggests a private person, not wishing to be seen. She is detached – viewing the scene from the outside. Perhaps even looking in on the artist at work!

  21. Very interesting, with the she translucent veil, she is mysterious. it’s intriguing.

  22. great work here!

  23. It’s so interesting how these transform with that veil of white. I love what it does, softening and loosening the meaning of the work and the gaze. Incredibly beautiful!

  24. Beautiful… Love how you captured the subtle nuances in her face and hair

  25. So beautiful portraits, dear Elena! Congratulations!
    The glaze has a hint of mystery.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day, dear Elena!
    Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  26. This is such an interesting technique Elena – the glaze brings out a whole different character from the work.

  27. stunning! love her eyes.

  28. Lovely. There is something very powerful about her gaze.

  29. Impressive work Elena !
    And thought provoking —- What thought ?
    (I’ll show you my answer in next post.)

  30. That is incredible!! 🙂

  31. This is amazing Elena! Love it ❤

  32. Very nice portrait.

  33. I love the strength of the gaze in her eyes. Very beautiful piece.

  34. Simplemente, ¡Bellos!
    Un abrazo,

  35. Wow, she’s a beauty. Both versions are beautiful, but I didn’t notice her incredible eyes and beautiful lips until you “frosted” her. I just love this painting. Fantastic!

  36. Both are beautiful.

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