Watercolor Wednesday


This kiity got a little busy and a little muddy with so much subtle information to convey, that I worked some white into it.  While I’m not crazy about using opacity in my watercolors, I tried it anyway to bring cohesion to the image.  My challenge is to try this subject again, including all her stripes and varied values without the use of white.

Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (72)

  1. Just lively as a real cat.

  2. I must avoid reading your descriptions in general. Makes me nervous. I’m a naive who loves every creation of yours!! Alright..alright, let’s see how it comes about with stripes and without white :))

  3. This is one absolutely comfortable kitty, beautiful work Elena! Wish I could curl up and zone out like this . . . !

  4. Indifference is the foundation of happiness, at least from the cat’s point of view. 🙂

  5. He’s gorgeous! I had a muddy problem with similar colours today, so it was nice to see your solution 🙂

  6. Beautiful work 🙂 My cat lays like that quite often.

  7. I don’t think the touches of white paint detract from this painting at all. It’s lovely!

  8. Love that stretch. What a lovely cat.

  9. I’m just in awe at anyone who can draw furry animals!! It looks like a lot of work!!!
    Your kitty seems so nicely comfortable taking a snooze….ah…reminds me of a raining cool afternoon, snuggling in bed!! LOL

    • It is a bit daunting to work with the fur and then the markings, choosing what to add and what to leave out. Yes, she’s got it pretty good. Right now she’s napping on my bed:) Thanks Shree!

  10. I like the white. I like the kitty.

  11. Lovely little kity:) I like her pose! Looking forward to see the other version!

  12. Captured the spirit and gesture of the pose nicely. Love the outstretched paw – makes me want to reach out and give her a pet, but she probably wouldn’t like being woken up =)

  13. The part I like best about this painting is that outstretched paw – it is beautifully formed, and looks so strong.

  14. Love the colors!!! You are amazing!!!

  15. Wow, that’s so interesting what you did with the fur. So much depth and translucent layered effect. Cool!

  16. he looks quite the happy kitty! I adore your work, Elena!

  17. This is so beautiful! I really love this. And what an amazing cat…

  18. Elana you were on my following list and some how you disappeared.. anyway you are back now. Caught you…. again.

  19. Beautiful watercolor, lovely kitty 🙂

  20. I’m searching for the ‘Do not disturb’ sign!!!

  21. Beautiful color: very powerful. The white are well done.

  22. The cat I mean! The painting itself is really well done, and includes a lot, and very little detail at the same time, in a perfect blend of colors

  23. Very nice, dear Elena! Chromatics I also really like!
    Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day! Big hugs, Stefania 🙂

  24. I’ll just tip toe by ….. shouldn’t want to disturb such a sleeping beauty ….
    Such marvellous magic in this painting Elena 🙂

  25. Excellent!! great work Elena

  26. Beautiful Elena! Fresh, loose, and those orange-red paint brushes at his back leg, I love them. Gives it a dynamic, secure and brave appearance.

  27. A beautiful work of art. very good job. xox Elena

  28. So love her little paws! Beautiful! How can it get any better?

  29. Ah, soooo cute! Love it ❤

  30. Always wanted a ginger 🙂

  31. Love the colours and the claws a lot! Great!

  32. I like those claws in the forefront. A sleeping kitty but still on guard, there’s a little bit of wild in there! : )

  33. This should be for me 🙂 I loved it… so beautiful. You are amazing artist dear Elena, Thanks and Love, nia

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