Cards for KIVA


Just a fews days left to purchase this season’s cards to benefit KIVA.

While I do not enjoy selling anything, I would like you all to know that a very small purchase of even five dollars will allow you to to contribute to this fine organization.                                  KIVA supports individuals desperately trying to support their families by administering small business loans with your purchase dollars.


I’ve contributed these three images to the mix, but the collection is varied and beautiful.  I usually purchase and then gift the cards at Holiday time.


Thanks for your consideration.

For those who are interested, the cards are donated by women from all over the globe who contribute to Vision and Verb.  V&V compiles each purchase to reach twenty-five dollars, then sends the full amount to KIVA.     Enjoy the V&V posts.  The are always a great read.

Comments on: "Cards for KIVA" (41)

  1. […] or at least I feel I do but that may be an illusion! I was reminded of this when I read this post  by my dear blogging friend Elena Caravela. I can commend her blog with its wonderful paintings. […]

  2. Kiva is such a marvellous organisation Elena, thank you for supporting their work

  3. Such a beautiful contribution, Elena. And thank you for sharing info about KIVA.

  4. Lovely works Elena! I will check out the site.

  5. Beautiful work Elena and for such a good cause – bookmarking immediately!

  6. very beautiful, it seems to be a great organisation.

  7. Looks like a great organisation. Love your images!

  8. Elena as always it is joy to see your vision view and direction, kind thoughts.

  9. Beautiful paintings, Elena.

  10. Beautiful cards Elena. Wonderful quotes too 🙂
    Kiva is a wonderful organisation to be contributing to. Suggested them only recently to some dear friends in Ukraine who have neighbors with small business ideas that need funding.
    Well done to you and the V&V team.

    • It’s V& V that does all the work. I merely contribute. But I do agree, It’s a terrific org. Great idea to have suggested it to friends. Who know? We may be able to fund them in the futures. Thanks much:)

  11. beautiful work. i love the work that KIVA does, we have been lenders for a few years.

  12. Lovely paintings Elena – the top one has a special poignancy.

  13. They are really beautiful Elena! 😃❤️

  14. Such loveliness you express, Elena. I will go to the website and check this out. I always like cards that work not just for holidays and these look perfect. O

  15. Kiva is such a terrific organization. Your contributions are wonderful.
    That top one is pure magic and delight. Amazing as always.

  16. I congratulate you, dear Elena for supporting a good cause!
    Enjoy a great weekend! Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  17. What the beautiful design and the effort for the cause !
    Excellent work Elena.

  18. Lovely image, flying beyond the rainbow. I’ve ordered several cards and look forward to receiving them and gifting them. One of the cards has a beautiful quote from Iris Murdoch: “People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.” I agree!

  19. That’s beautiful, Elena and very thoughtful!
    Happy weekend! 🙂

  20. So nice dear Elena, and so meaningful. Thanks and Love, nia

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