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  1. Ethereal and other worldly

  2. Spiders are kind of awesome. I hate having to remove their webs when they obstruct … but worse, I hate it when I accidentally run into an awesome one and mess it up unintentionally.

    Some of them absolutely must be creative creatures and not just instinctive insects!

  3. When I scrolled down to that second capture, my heart took a leap! LOVE it!

  4. Great catch, dear Elena! Spiders are very hardworking! Canvas created by them is fantastic and so fine, too bad it can not be used in the textile industry.
    Have a wonderful day, dear Elena! Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

  5. Kinda of creepy–I hate spiders–but the little tunnel is awesome.

  6. I love spiders webs.. all shapes and sizes.. I don’t paricularly like the spiders who make them though, not if they are big anyway.. ((((shudders))))

  7. It’s astonishing how many different forms of webs there are. These look so soft and organic. Love the shapes and compositions.

  8. what a beautiful wispy web!

  9. Spiders are artists too. This one looks like a fantasy artist.

  10. Wow! Nature is amazing! Nice capture Elena:)

  11. Oh I do love the first picture!!! It looks like smoke wafting…it looks like a highway in Fairy land…it looks like the milky way…….love it 😀

  12. Two wonderful works, yours and the spiders! The fragile delicacy is so comforting!

  13. Wow, there’s a whole spider galaxy going on there – great shots, Elena!

  14. Like a soft veil! Beautiful shots, Elena. 🙂

  15. These are hushed scenes of magic and mystery. There are beautiful contrasts of shapes and textures and a predominance of soft shades of green.

  16. Incredible work that goes into these webs and you’ve found one with a beautiful background. Amazing view with the second photo 🙂

  17. Good nature photos, in the same time beautiful abstract image !
    Well done Elena.

  18. Nature is amazing, isn’t? Great photos.

  19. Beautiful Elena, you have such an eye for precious tiny details 🙂

  20. The weave is beautiful – amazing how you are able to find the smallest treasures most of us don’t see.

  21. Hermosas fotografías. La araña teje su traje de seda.
    Un abrazo,

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