Latest in the Divide Series


I’m still working on this series but with a little less vigor, since I’m distracted by and doing battle with the “Blood and Vapor” series.   So many paintings to make, never enough time.

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. A very interesting portrait. I like her modest look – almost a little sadness mixed with shyness. The use the “veil” of white paint adds depth to the picture. Yes, it’s frustrating when we don’t have enough time to pursue all our ideas – but the opposite would be worse, wouldn’t it?

  2. The wash feels very much like a fabric veil in this one. I like that her thoughts seem to become more unreadable under that layer, she is going deeper inside herself. Like a protection, maybe.
    Anyway, the painting is beautiful, and those little wisps of hair on her neck and shoulder are perfection.

  3. Holy cow, so many really cool series. (It’s not QUITE the same but I did add 100 Tiny Houses before I was done with 100 Cityscapes – so I understand the impulse!) The facial features are so amazing!

  4. Elena you are an excellent portrait painter, so why the additional layer? In this instance I think the ‘veil’ emphasizes a particular quality of the sitter – she is a private person, perhaps a little introspective rather than extrospective.

    1. Thank you Louis. The white glaze pushes the subject into another plane, indeed a private place, but perhaps it is not a willing solitude. It may well be imposed. Maybe even a threatening push and sealing in. I have my own feelings about what may impose this sentence but I prefer that the viewer speculate.

  5. Very nice portrait, dear Elena! The girl’s face, shrouded in the veil of mist! Incredibly beautiful and mysterious at the same time! It’s like a bride! Congratulations, dear Elena!
    Have a wonderful day! Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

    1. Hi Gabriel! No, never feel pressure when I have lots going on unless it’s a commissioned piece. And, you’re right, one feeds the other and if one isn’t working I can move to a “friendlier” piece. Often a little time helps me figure out where I’ve gone really wrong and I can go back and fix it. Other times when I give up on something, I know I can move instantly to another, so I don’t feel so defeated. And yes! It’s invigorating to get up each morning scheming to make as much time as possible to actually work.

  6. I´m stunned Elena! You work so fast!! Such time it takes to do just the oil portraits and you keep hanging one a week (or even two) and still have time to do the watercolors!! And all so well done! I have no words…. Great job!

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