Watercolor Wednesday

bdog copy

A couple of really quick watercolor creatures.

bloosebirdjpg copy

Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (56)

  1. settleandchase said:

    The top one is so tender and gentle..doesn’t seem quick at all – you are so clever!

  2. Your quick is often even more gorgeous than your slow!

  3. Very beautiful paintings. I’m sure you’ve done your time relaxing! Yes, very beautiful paintings.
    Have a wonderful day dear Elena. Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  4. I am sure you made them real quick! Great job Elena!

  5. Lovely creatures they are.

  6. So sweet! The red tones in the top image are so pretty!

  7. Elena, Even when you paint a quick one we feel they are nearly come out of the paper..

  8. quick but so well captured and incredibly charming

  9. Quick and full of life! Lovely creatures.

  10. Familiar friends captured with affection.

  11. For such quick works they certainly do have a wonderfully restful repose about them!

  12. Have you ever thought about using these wonderful series of these tender creatures to illustrate an alphabet for children?

    • Hi Marcelo! While I’ve a few children’s books under my belt, the industry is flooded, and my style is not in vogue. So, I’ve kind of given up the children’s book pursuit.

  13. One thing both these beautifully painted creatures have, is kindness in their eyes! 🙂

  14. there’s something about your everyday creatures that make them kind of magical!

  15. poppytump said:

    Very touching watercolours Elena .

  16. Once again your creativity comes alive with the stroke of a brush and melding of colors. They work very well.

  17. Love the bird!

  18. I can only imagine how quick!! Love!

  19. Ever done your cats?

    • I have, but it annoys them to watch them, so they get up and walk away:) A couple of week ago I did paint a cat-one of mine, but from one of my photos this time;)

  20. These are great!

  21. Quick works beautifully here!

  22. Heheh…your *really* quick watercolours I wouldn’t even be able to reproduce given 24 hours 😛 I love the deer…she seems so comfy 🙂

  23. Elena, I see so much heart in your work. Each animal seems lit from within! ♥

  24. Great work! A bit envious! I only take photos!

  25. They’re both beautiful, but I particularly love the bird. Great work! 🙂

  26. Your watercolours works, seem to come alive from the screen… so beautiful…. This is great in watercolour art. Thank you dear Elena, love, nia

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