Photo Friday


Though Photo Fridays are generally wordless, and this photo is not very clear, I had to share with you this HUGE  snapping turtle, gliding blissfully through the swamp.  From extended neck to tail he must have ranged from four to five feet long.


Comments on: "Photo Friday" (43)

  1. Are dinosaurs back?! 🙂 Great pic…

  2. Wow Elena, I had to do a double-take on this one. I thought our snappers were big, this guy is the King of Swamps!

  3. A huge turtle. I can see one the same, just the zoo.
    Have a wonderful day, dear Elena and a new week with many blessings!
    With much love, Stefania! 🙂

  4. That thing is crazy big!

  5. I had no idea they got that big! I think they are dangerous, huh? Wow.

  6. Elena Here I stare… damn read it is all explained below.. have a good weekend.

  7. It took me a while to identify the turtle as a living creature. We don’t have anything of that size here!

  8. That look!!! 🙂
    Happy weekend, Elena! 🙂

  9. Fabulous! The submarines of the great pond…
    : )

  10. it’s huge ! He (she?) could snap off a tail of crocodile couldn’t he ?
    Nice capture !

  11. Reblogged this on Sound Art Creator and commented:
    Very nice!

  12. I LOVE turtles. Did you take this?

  13. Oh my goodness…I wouldn’t have guess what that was besides a large rock had you not mentioned it…lol Incredible.

  14. omg! I thought it was a stone too!

  15. He’s giving you the stink eye!

  16. My goodness, I thought he was a rock at first!

  17. If you hadn’t said I wouldn’t have noticed, it looks camouflaged with its environment.
    Lovely shot!

  18. Jane Thorne said:

    Oh my goodness Elena, he’s magnificent and I am guessing this is a rare sighting. Well done you.

  19. Wow, I thought that was a stone. Wonder how old that turtle would have to be to reach that size. That place is just teaming with life. No wonder you love it so.

  20. okay…yes..he is HUGE!!! Now I understand why some stories tell of how their backs are mistaken for stepping stones in a river 😛

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