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  1. So unique as always, and as always I struggle to explain exactly why..! Just so very individual and pleasing in every way!

  2. This is going to sound really really REALLY weird…but the photo scared me! 😦 And it’s for the silliest reason EVER! I looked at it, my heart went “Eeek” because my mind went “Aaaaargh….insects! It looks like those terrifying leaf insect thingy and it looks HUGE!!”…….yea, that’s my mind for you!

    Of course it’s really cool when pictures actually evoke different feelings right? 😀

  3. With an extravaganza of colors, we delight in autumn. A very delicate image that expresses the beauty of autumn. Thank you so much for sharing dear Elena.
    Have a wonderful day. Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  4. A super picture. Your observation of the scene, the colours, the shapes, the textural contrasts, the composition, the cropping, all combine to capture a beautiful autumnal moment.

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