Blood and Vapor Series Sketch

bblood and vapor 2 copy

Pastel Pencil 8″x10″   Although I enjoyed making this sketch, I wasn’t really going anywhere.   It’s too literal, so I’m leaving it behind.  I’m working on lots of other solutions. So far, not much is really hitting the mark for the series*.

*A new series, “Blood And Vapor”.:   Who lingers within you?   Have you ever felt an ancestral presence?  The inescapable tie of family:hundreds of individuals, yesterday and today, here and gone.  A powerful resonance or inconspicuous vapor?

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Really fascinating idea..inescapable ties, in so many ways, even the threat of becoming a certain person, or the wish to be more like them..the memories, the stories and traditions..endlessly interesting. Its fascinating too how other family members creep into another’s face or expression, sometimes skipping generations and much can we actually ever be purely ourselves? My great great Grandmother was found as a baby left on the doorstep, and adopted to us, no idea of her family – we often talk about what we may have inherited from her and what traits may be related to her lost family.

    I can certainly see a seed of an idea in this picture – I like how the dog has his face pressed into the wind, looking somewhere into the deep distance while the boy is distracted forwards..

    And now I have rambled..:)

    1. Anything but a ramble Cath. Your thoughtful comment offers me marvelous insight into the project. I’m struggling with it, but your inspiration helps me think more, try harder. Thanks ever so much.

  2. Beautiful, it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I feel connected very much still to both my grandmothers. Not in a ghostly way, I can’t really explain what I mean which is frustrating. I have in my bedroom, a vertical row of photographs in the same frame. They are my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and I. The week my grandmother died, the photo of my great grandmother slid down and covered her face. The photos have never moved before or after. I think I just miss them so much that they will always be part of me.

  3. We are all part of ghostly chains that interconnect to make up the mesh of generations , memories, communities & cultures. The composition opens a window into that mesh. Looks to be an intriguing series of images. 🙂

  4. Lovely drawing 🙂 I do think this is a great addition to the series, but I hope whatever you complete next is up to your own expectations as well.

  5. I applaud your courage Elena. The concept you are exploring is not difficult to understand but artistically it is extremely challenging. Although you’re not concerned here with landscape, somewhere I sense a connection with JMW Turner’s ‘painting with light’ to suggest emotional relationship. Indeed. your shadowy girl figure is a not dissimilar response to the problem.

  6. I think the little dog senses something … and I like the way the face seems to have a resemblance to the boy … a feeling of perhaps not letting go
    Shorts and bare knees in boys .. so old fashioned. Love it .

  7. I like being able to see this develop – thanks for sharing. This reminds me a little of James Lumbers. When I was in high school I saw two prints of his in a poster shop and kept coming back to them. I guess I felt a connection to them. Anyway, your concept made me think of these, though they may more literal or completely different to what you have in mind. I can’t remember if I’ve shared these with you before – if so apologies for the repeat!

  8. “Blood and vapor” reminded me of a photo I took of my daughter holding her grandmother’s portrait…one done in pastels when she was a little girl. I had curled Becca’s hair in ringlets for fun and suddenly had the spitting image of her grandmother’s portrait right there in real life.

  9. Personally I love it, but I understand and respect the “torment” of the artist when she feels she has not fully conveyed what she meant to, the way she meant to. You are incredibly talented and of course your inspiration will “hit you” the moment you least expect it 🙂

  10. I often start a new project without being too sure where it will lead me. Not all works goes to the end but each of them has helped me to understand myself better.

    This series gives me feeling of looking at a hidden world we don’t normally see.

  11. I know what you mean about sometimes things being to literal (although there is something lovely about this), I seem to be always fighting with that myself. Looking forward to seeing how things develop through your explorations of this series.
    I like that you are sharing what you think doesn’t quite work or doesn’t fit your ideas.

  12. Elena that is very good in my eyes.. I know they are not as good as yours… But I think there is something special here.. Wonder why everybody start painting ghosts, there must be something around the corner?

  13. I know what you mean. Looking forward the other solutions. Particularly, I love the colors and shadows that you use in the boy’s face… I’m not sure but it reminds some of the Picasso’s works.

  14. A little boy, his dog and his imaginary/ghostly friend. I have to say- she looks a bit creepy to me (I think it’s the wide grin on her transparent face), but nevertheless it’s a beautiful sketch. Great job!

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