Blood and Vapor Series

bDoubles copy

Watercolor and Pastel 11″x14″*

*A new series, “Blood And Vapor”.:   Who lingers within you?   Have you ever felt an ancestral presence?  The inescapable tie of family:hundreds of individuals, yesterday and today, here and gone.  A powerful resonance or inconspicuous vapor?

Comments on: "Blood and Vapor Series" (59)

  1. awesome awesome work! – Gabriel (in California)

  2. Such a melding of the human psyche .. This painting is so fascinating …
    Wonderful Elena .

  3. Spooky! I can see my grandmothers now when I look in the mirror.

  4. The interrelationship between the faces I like – the body I am less comfortable with.

  5. Wow Elena.. this REALLY works. absolutely gives me the creeps!

  6. I deeply admire the healing quality of this series.

  7. Wonderful series already and profound idea… would love to see more 😉

  8. Ooo…scary!! But I like it because scary without blood and gore takes talent 😉

  9. As soon as I saw this I thought whoa spooky. Its an amazing piece Elena!

  10. Great painting, Elena. I really like the “double face”. Awesome.

  11. Marvelously done.I can feel the inexplicable struggle in the character.

  12. exiledprospero said:

    Elena, there is a wonderfully grotesque element to this chubby, schizophrenic infant, with shades of Rosemary’ Baby and Eraserhead-like surreality.

  13. Very sensible as at the same time quite spooky. The realisation goes very well with what you want to express.

  14. that’s a good question

  15. What a haunting image! I can feel the vapour as much as see it.

  16. delightful and eerie – intriguing!

  17. strange and wonderful.

  18. really cool! I had to do a double take before seeing the other face

  19. I like the way you’ve captured that strange ambience. Beautiful and odd.

  20. Fascinating! An unsettling and beautiful piece. A gentleness, too, in this tiny apparition.

  21. your new series sounds very interesting. This piece is intriguing. Although my first impression was something like ” such things I have seen in scientific , medical museum ” . I think I can understand your thoughts , ancestral presence is important part of our psyche .. I am looking forward to see more of this series

  22. It’s fantastic sketch, dear Elena! What a beautiful picture of the movement!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Ştefania. 🙂

  23. Haunting sweetness… 🙂

  24. I love this series…and this one is spectacular! Love the color, the movement, everything!

  25. strange and well done!

  26. very intriguing and oppressive like a remote reminiscence.

  27. ! ! ! ? ? ?. 🙂

  28. Peculiar yet familiar!

  29. I love this. It makes me think about some of my ancestry and those times I look at myself and feel like someone other than myself.

  30. My first word was whoa too, lol – this is one scary vision! Love your imagination it works like none other that I’ve seen. It’s brilliant in execution from form to colors used.

  31. Whoa, that’s seriously eerie! The two faces are spooky and beautifully done.

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