Watercolor Wednesday

bpinkmouse copy

                   Terrible terror.  I’ve seen it.  Rescuing one of these little guys from my cats.

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Again an excellent outline, dear Elena.
    I really like how you portrayed mouse,… little scared!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Stefania! 🙂

  2. Elena you just gave mice another dimension all you need now is to paint the next one and let them dance the dance for life…. just saved.. let me know when you ready I’ll play the music.. looking great and few more can even be on the catwalk (I must select another word this one is wrong choice at the moment, sorry), still looking great mouse and thanks for leting him to see another day. It is amazing to see how it sit calm for you to paint it too… we call it trust.

  3. I talked with a coworker today about how I have fed a mouse in my apartment — on a couple of occasions. He shrunk back, gasped — not everyone finds these critters cute, or worthy! Yours is adorable! Nice.

  4. I really love the ears!! I guess this is because they give the exact fear expression you were looking for! Fantastic Elena, like always! 🙂

  5. In emotional level, it’s a tricky choice isn’t it. Mice got their life style.
    Cats got their own. We got our criteria.

    Once mice made a nest in a piled-up equipment. Made their bedding
    with teared papers. Chewed elec’cables, covering everywhere with
    their piss etc etc. —– I needed to splash / wash the equipment with
    hot water (yes, we can !) then with spirit, —– and dry with hair-drier.
    ETC etc —– It’s nothing but the trouble to live with them.

    Yes, on the face, as they are small, hence looks cute —– though,
    I wouldn’t pretend to be a nice tender person.
    I have my hygiene standard before play a hypocrite.
    (Local council put rat-poisons everywhere and “Sanitized” whole area !)

      1. I know that is exactly the problem. They are so cute.
        In the same time they looks so tasty to a cat ! 🙂
        And the Mice really want to have their own sweet
        love nest painted by thick gluey piss.
        Everybody has their own honest feeling. Nothing wrong
        though, it’s a problem to others. 😀 😀

  6. I thought at first the mouse was supposed to be the terror 🙂 They’re very sneaky, y’know, those mice…

  7. This is great Elena, time of the year for these lovely little visitors. Your guy here has a bit of a cute appeal to him – personality plus. Oh man, did I really say that?

  8. Awwww. So sad. If I were a mouse I’d freak out at the sight of a cat coming at me! Lovely watercolor!

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