Comments on: "Photo Friday" (83)

  1. Wonderful colors! Simply beautiful, Elena

  2. Gorgeous! I’d love to have a large copy of this on a wall in my home.

  3. hard to say why I like this so much. perhaps the blurred colors of hte background. in fact on thinking about it, I would probably like the background even without the foreground leaves.

  4. That’s so surreal. It’s like the branches are the gate into a portal into another world…maybe that fairyland you live so near to? 🙂

  5. The calm and vibrancy are such a stunning combination Elena!

  6. It’s a lovely photograph. Beautifully capturing the energy and stillness at the same time in mother nature.

  7. Very beautiful picture, dear Elena. Chromatic background is a delicate fancy. I like very much.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day, dear Elena. Hugs, Stefania 🙂

  8. This is really lovely! I love the colors!

  9. Lovely. Did you use Photoshop on the background?

  10. Elegant – first word I thought of. Not sure how you capture a scene like this, but it’s very effective.

  11. marvellous, magical photo. bravo

  12. The painterly execution is magnificent. Beautiful ….

  13. So painterly! love!

  14. Love the cheerful greens and yellows in this photo!

  15. Thanks much Scilla!

  16. The background looks a painting!

  17. Vibrant green! Love that.

  18. Stunning in it’s simplicity…

  19. Simple but beautiful. The contrast between the leaves and the background is particularly effective.

  20. Such a fresh and interesting take! Lovely.

  21. A feast for the eyes leading us to a peaceful weekend. 🙂

  22. Love it! Is that a river in the background?

  23. Lovely work Elena.

  24. Oooh… I love it: great, painterly background, Elena! 🙂

  25. Beautiful!! It could be a painting or a photo

  26. Such a fresh photo 🙂 This would make a lovely painting as well I think. Fantastic background.

  27. Magical. Looks like somewhere you’d expect to see a fairy fly through … ever so quickly that you would always wonder 🙂

  28. Love the bright colours leading down to those shadowy forms Elena …
    They look like pastel crayon stick strokes .

  29. Lovely… looks like a painting.

  30. Breath-taking, Elena!

  31. Reblogged this on Sound Art Creator and commented:
    Excellent use of color composition, gathered out of natural light!

  32. Looks almost in the middle of summer isn’t it ?
    or your country doesn’t have typical four seasons ?

    • Oh yes, this is certainly fall, but color is still all around. Where I live we do enjoy four distinct seasons.

      • Yha that’s right, you posted the snow land-scape before.
        Still. I guess you are somewhere in New Jersey, = more than
        15 degree south. England is equivalent of north of Newfoundland !

  33. Wow!!!! Really beautiful colours and light!!!! Love it!

  34. What a beauty! Still some vibrant autumn colour where you are. I bet there are some magical creatures under the surface. Is this a long(ish) exposure?

  35. I love this! It almost looks like the background was added in photoshop….I love when real images look “fake”. It just shows how lovely nature can be.

  36. WOW! So beautiful, so beautiful. Thank you dear Elena, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  37. Oh, I really like how you backlit that one leaf! Very nice composition!

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