Photo Friday

Dreamy birds.bdreamybirds

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  1. this time I have to say I like the background and foreground equally.

  2. Excellent photographs, Elena!

  3. settleandchase said:

    Each one of your photographs make me grin with a great feeling – I dont know how you do it but they are so unique, almost not like photographs but something else..collections of colours, ideas..I can’t describe it!

  4. Amazingly beautiful, with sharp and clear colors.

  5. Beautifully capture Elena! 🙂

  6. look like paintings 🙂

  7. or photographed cardinals? There is one in my backyard that flies between Boston and my cousin’s house on Long Island. 🙂 I wanted to paint a picture of it for her as a gift.

  8. Love your birdies! Have you ever painted cardinals?

  9. What a sweet bird – contemplative, attentive, at home. Lovely shos, Elena!

  10. Precious gems Elena, they sort of look like the flycatchers in our yard.

  11. Elena it gives a feeling of live bird inside a blurred painted background. Great taking.

  12. Gorgeous Elena! Such lovely crisp colours.

  13. Oh wow! What birds are these?? the first one looks like she’s got a headscarf on..the second a fancy pirates hat..hehe

  14. There is a delightful touch of the Orient about these images.

  15. Like the secluded look to they leafy surrounds…

  16. Very beautiful photo, dear Elena. The birds are so cute. Also, I love the game of light and color in the background.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a wonderful day, dear Elena. Hugs, Stefania 🙂

  17. I Am Jasmine Kyle said:

    You know how I feel about little birds!

  18. You said it all with Dreamy Birds! The background is also so dreamy!

  19. Sweet little birds 🙂 Your photos add the perfect cheer to my Fridays, Elena.

  20. Love these dreamy bird pictures. : )
    Great work!

  21. Very well captured – yeah cute dreamy birds… 🙂

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