Blood and Vapor:Threads

bblood-and-vaporties-copyWatercolor, Oil Paint and Thread on Watercolor Paper

I’ve packed this little painting with symbolism.  Another very personal piece.

*A new series, “Blood And Vapor”.:   Who lingers within you?   Have you ever felt an ancestral presence?  The inescapable tie of family:hundreds of individuals, yesterday and today, here and gone.  A powerful resonance or inconspicuous vapor?

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Elena, you have captured the innocence and feeling so beautifully in this piece. Thank you for sharing. Xx

  2. Yes, it feels very rich and deep with meaning. And I have felt that ancestral presence. I did a rather odd self-portrait years ago with a dragon landing on my ancestral island. It was also full of symbolism for me, though I couldn’t have really explained it to anyone else. I guess that’s why it was expressed through visual art instead of literary means.
    This is an amazing piece. Beautifully done!

  3. Again an amazing painting, dear Elena. Very nice of innocence revealed!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Elena! Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

  4. This is utterly gorgeous. I love the thread, symbolic of many things, I’m sure. It makes me think if the idea of “pulling things out of thin air” – memories and ideas almost at your fingertips. The dimension in the open hand emphasis that beautifully.
    Wow! : )

  5. Elena love the brown as background like old masters technique. I used it for learning portrait recently from a great artist. all based on glazing. And you have a story too.. beautiful.

  6. Just on a physical level alone we are noticeably connected. Once while sitting next to my brother and looking at his arm I noticed that we, in essence, had the same ‘skin’ . It sort of surprised me because we see ourselves as distinct individuals in our culture. Many times I notice the same mannerisms, gestures, etc from me that would identify with my father. This means that some of the basic body movements or whatever could go back generations! Yes then there is this apparent spiritual connection that seems to be there too. Nice work ! ( hope I’m not being too verbose)

  7. I should love to understand more .
    Such a brilliance in your rendering of light here Elena and the little girl’s gesture .

    1. Thank you Poppy. It’s wonderful of you to comment. A little hint about my intention:the treads draw all of life-end it, pull us, connect us. The ferris wheel, and the greenhouse, you can guess:) Then there’s the beach…

  8. A haunting and intriguing series Elena..they feel like they are coming alive through the page somehow as always, but even more strongly so..

  9. Another brilliant technical piece with materials and composition Elena. Intriguing – sometimes I feel that presence and wonder what does it mean? Ah the family tree that goes beyond present brings a whole set of mysteries . . .

  10. Elena, is it possible for the inconspicuous vapour to be the powerful resonance that keeps pulling us back? And the little girls we once were, before becoming the women we are, so many ancestral ties of blood and vapour. A beautifully heartbreaking piece of work!

  11. I met my mother once, after she died. But I think that most of the preceding generations remain in us in memory and in energy. We are all connected, not just by blood, but by spirit. This is a magnificent piece, Elena, I think it could be one of the best I’ve ever seen from you, which says a lot. Can’t wait to see to upcoming series.

  12. This is a beautiful piece of work. Not sure about the symbolism…so typical of me…I see stuff when there usually isn’t anything to see by others and don’t see it when I’m supposed to! LOL.

    I think it’s really lovely though…and the things that make a childhood fun in the background 🙂

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