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Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (64)

  1. Superb work Elena, such an elusive feeling in these few subtle yet strong brushstrokes.

  2. So much with so little!

  3. Wonderful simplicity and yet so strong! Love it!!

  4. Very nice in its simplicity and minimalism.

  5. settleandchase said:

    How utterly beautiful..grace and light, melting in the rain..

  6. A lovely image, achieved with a few but decisive strokes. I love the fact that the painting can be see in many different ways.

  7. poppytump said:

    Less is so much more 🙂
    Your lady displays such nonchalance in her pose stepping on through the space you created for her Elena ….

  8. What a simply strokes and what a great result!

  9. Amazing work of art from your talented hands,so beautiful and subtle:)

  10. Absolutely stunning ! You so inspire me!

  11. So much comes through with a few perfectly placed brush strokes 🙂 Beautiful.

  12. Love it, great colors

  13. Interesting abstract light move as I said your touch Elena

  14. Nice, Elena… like a ghost fading away.

  15. Elena I’ve said I like these but I don’t know why – in all honesty I can’t see them! I think there’s a problem with my screen setup. It’s the mood, the lightness of touch and the minimalist approach I appreciate.

  16. Chic, and playful!

  17. Lovely as always. Makes me think: Snow. I just posted a one-act play about a mother reading to her child – I should have tried to convince you to create a drawing for it…alas, I stuck with whatever wordpress pulls up for me 🙂

  18. Nice, Elena. But she makes me feel like we just broke up, now alone. I’d want her back if that were true.

  19. So beautiful you made this sketch, woman in motion, with brush a little play! You are very talented! Congratulations!
    Have a wonderful day, dear Elena. Hugs, Ştefania 🙂

  20. Wow! I love how you do that. You are able to capture so much with so few strokes. 😀

  21. Fantastic, I just don’t know how you do this with just a few strokes of a brush!

  22. Beautiful!!!!
    (And I have learned a new Word: “Wispy”…That I think suits a lot of your great watercolors!!! 🙂

  23. Saying so much with so little. Stunning!

  24. Oh, the things I see!

  25. A ha ! It’s very pretty !

  26. So beautiful. Inspiring. Might I borrow this for one of my posts, dear?

  27. Exquisite watercolor.

  28. exiledprospero said:

    Quintessential chicness.

  29. Awesome piece Elena – all bundled up as the figure walks into the distance. The minimalist technique works extremely well in this painting.

  30. Beautiful! Wonderfully minimalist in paint strokes but with big impact. Great use of negative space!

  31. Just returning from my trip to SE Asia and this took me right back there. Stunning!

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