Palette Creatures Released!

b*fish copy

New palette creatures are now swimming in an alternate setting.   For those not familiar, palette creatures are colorful shapes that actually show up on my watercolor palette after a watercolor painting session.  When I spot them, I take a photo and play with them in Photoshop.  Some creatures require more attention than others.  This lot demanded a little more nudging than some of their predecessors.

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  2. Delightful idea! 😀

  3. Only artists like you are able to shape ideas and insights that open our minds to a new perception of the “reality”.

  4. settleandchase said:

    Ooh! It took me a moment there to see the face – I saw the top left as the head with flowing hair, then the face – he’s incredible, almost as if just in transition from water creature to being..something just a little bit painful about him..?

  5. My goodness, how amazing, they just swim off the page!

  6. this really makes me happy – gorgeous energy

  7. Way too cool work! Loved it Elena 🙂

  8. Beautiful and creative!! : )

  9. Great colors and shapes, Elena. This one is more modern than your typical style. It suits you very well. I love it.

  10. Wow! This is amazing!

  11. Love all the colors!

  12. Jane Thorne said:

    Wonderful colours Elena with great imagination. Xx

  13. A character ‘going with the flow.!!

  14. It’s about the magnificent colors, saving the light, maintaining the movement, the crispness of your shapes…I LOVE it all! Am I snorkeling along with them underwater? No goggles. I think so!

  15. Can I just say that something about this makes me very happy. What a delightful little gang! 🙂

  16. poppytump said:

    It metamorphoses in front of my eyes !

  17. That’s awesome! I love the idea and how you made it come to life!

  18. This is lovely Elena – wonderful to see what your imagination can do!

  19. Love this – amazing little creatures!

  20. So cool Elena, lots of ohs and ahs from me on these little watercolor blobs.

  21. Nice Image~ love this^^

  22. K' CLIPs でリブログしてコメントを追加:

  23. Dreamlike atmosphere in a wonderful harmony 🙂

  24. Wonderful jellyfishes!

  25. What an awesome idea 🙂 I really love this.

  26. I just can’t find the words to describe!

  27. Those blue jellies are very cool! And that pink face, wow!

  28. Brilliant! 🙂

  29. Love the mysterious creatures you and your palette develop! Terrific, Elena.
    : )

  30. Magnificient! Magic!

  31. Amazing! Love the colours.

  32. Elena, fantastic great idea!!! I often keep the sheet I use for acrylics or Oils mixing if not using a palette and the shapes and what you see is amazing just another art. You took it one notch higher as always.

  33. You nudged them well! Gives me a new place to swim.

  34. wow! You must have amazing imagination!

  35. Beautiful!! Can’t believe they are entirely by chance!

  36. Better than an aquarium!

  37. Wow! (No more words necessary.)

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