Photo Friday

dreamydowny copy

bdreamydowny2 copy

A dreamy downy.

Comments on: "Photo Friday" (21)

  1. So many lovely birds!

  2. Very nice birds! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures!
    Have a nice day, dear Elena! Hugs, Stefania ­čÖé

  3. I’ve only seen a few downies in person so far, but love their delicate charms. This one really does look dreamy, in both senses of the word!

  4. You can almost feel the birdie’s softness.

  5. Such a sweet little bird!

  6. Lately I’m so endeared to photographs of birds. Why is that? Beautiful shots.

  7. What a handsome little fellow!

  8. Delightful bird, beautifully captured. We don’t have them over here.

  9. A divine little creature!

  10. What a sweet little redhead!

  11. amazing colour, I would love to meet the guy that painted the birds… have a good weekend

  12. They are the sweetest shape! Lovely.

  13. Tiny and so upright, so lively with so bright colours, the joy in winter

  14. Love how the background on the second one goes so well with the little bird’s outfit! ­čÖé Have a nice weekend!

  15. So pretty ~

  16. They are a welcome neighbor in these winter months!

  17. so beautiful…love your photos!!!

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