Watercolor Wednesday

A backward progression or choosing when to stop painting:




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  1. Enjoy all of your work!

  2. I soooo love to get a glimpse of the progression of your work.. this portrait is timeless.. she could be from the 1940’s through to the 2014’s. Excellent work Elena

  3. It’s fascinating to watch the progression. To see your vision materialize right in front of my eyes. Incredible, Elena. Watercolor is the most difficult media imaginable. Such control, thought, ability to project, skill with the brush, the paints, etc. Little room for error. I collected watercolors for many years. Very few oils. Watercolor is magical. Spiritual because I can feel the artist in the painting in ways that are not visible to me in other media. She is beautiful, delicate, strong, assured, with a directness and a soft command that is compelling. I am rather taken with this portrait of the lady, Elena.

  4. Every progression is superb. It’s like watching magic happen, Elena!
    So much interest in the fine details, in both what is and isn’t there. A stunner.

  5. This is beautiful 🙂

  6. settleandchase said:

    Wow, really interesting to see these stages. Just about one of the few things now that don’t have a “back” button!

  7. How great to see the development of painting!
    This is fantastic! Love it❤️

  8. Very cool to see her come to life; I can only imagine that trying to figure out when to stop painting is similar to when to stop writing.

  9. Fantastic! I love it.

  10. Finding the right moment to stop painting is surely one of the most important decisions you have to make. Thanks for sharing this process and your wonderful painting, Elena.

  11. So interesting to see the development – and the hands in the final one are beautifully done.

  12. Love seeing the progression of your painting. Like a tiny lesson. Thank you, Elena!

  13. You ALWAYS amaze me!

  14. I love the color and the softness.

  15. Would it not be marvellous if we could do the same with our acts?

    I hope everything is going well with you.

  16. Beautiful work ! Not easy to find when to stop….you’re right

  17. Looks like ya stopped just in the nick of time.
    Nice work…as usual 🙂

  18. Wow! The face and pose, so gorgeous! I love to see the progression photos. Stunning!

  19. Very nice, dear Elena. I think it’s all about the artist’s choice, when to stop. Depends what message he wants to convey through his work.
    I really like your drawings. Have a wonderful day. Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

  20. Another beautiful, natural pose. What colors do you typically use in your palette?

  21. Beautiful work… 🙂

  22. Cute&moody~love it^^

  23. Love this, Elena. She’s so so expressive!

  24. poppytump said:

    Love end to Beginnings Elena ! Beautiful graduated tones .

  25. Beautiful Elena 🙂

  26. How wonderful peaceful mood here..very poetic masterful work ! 🙂

  27. dackwarb progression…I’ll keep that in mind–lovely and telling portrait!

  28. very impressive to see how you work! very well done! good choice!

  29. It’s interesting to compare this study with the exhibition pieces. You do work in several different worlds!!

  30. Really interesting to see the workings of your work – I prefer the finished piece.

  31. Lovely Elena!! Her hypnotic look maintains the weight of the drawing and I specially like the way you define certain points of interest while leaving the rest less developed and turning them into a snack for the imagination. Nice and interesting to see the steps you take to develop your work too!!

  32. Yes they are fantastic, all of them!

  33. The color choices are perfect. Was this from a modeling session or imagination?

  34. Beautiful Elena, it’s all the more special in being able to see how you developed the girl. Fantastic natural pose and I love the soft-muted colors.

  35. Beautiful, as ever.
    How wonderful to see your work at different stages. Thank you.

  36. You should NEVER stop……such a gift you have!

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