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Comments on: "Photo Friday" (34)

  1. The bird can be happy now. Winter has passed and now can fly quiet. Very cute sparrow.
    You have a very nice spring, dear Elena. Big hugs, with love, Ştefania! 🙂

  2. A little prince.

  3. I don’t recognize this little fellow, but he’s a zebra-something. He’s keeping warm with his feathers fluffed. I like him. Nice shot, Elena.

  4. settleandchase said:

    You certainly have some very serious birds around your area! Just lovely.

  5. All puffed up, cold and hiding in between bare branches. A very telling picture, Elena – and very beautiful.

  6. “We are closer to spring than we were in December…”

    I appreciate the reminder!

  7. Blends into yet master (or perhaps mistress) of the domain.

  8. You always amaze me how you can find the background textures to resemble the bird’s feathers! Beautiful!

  9. I think maybe it’s the delicate fluttering of wings that keep our hearts beating.
    : )

  10. Well hidden in the branches. Even the texture of his feathers is similar to that of the branches.

  11. Another beauty!

  12. Jade would be very proud of you! Our bird watching trips have not exactly been successful during these winter months…

  13. I love the chaos of branches surrounding the bird and it’s steady stare straight through. Really great shot.

  14. I know it needed a lots of efforts and the time.
    Well done Elena.

  15. doh, now this one, i do not know, i shall wish for assistance
    makes me think of a grouse only teeny tiny

  16. Lovely – blends right into his surroundings. Yesterday for the first time I saw a two pairs of Eastern Bluebirds – wow, gorgeous little puffballs of blue heads/backs with a burnt sienna chest. My photo came out grainy.

  17. What a beautiful photo 🙂

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