bsnowweed copy 2

Comments on: "Photo Friday" (42)

  1. I love these little “Japanese lanterns”! They’re so pretty when they blossom and when they dry. A really nice photograph of them, Elena. With the snow.

  2. A beautiful reminder of the winter season.
    It is very beautiful picture, dear Elena! 🙂

  3. Es precioso en su simplicidad!!!
    Un detalle que se puede perder en nuestros ojos, pero de infinita belleza.
    Un abrazo Elena y gracias por compartir belleza…

  4. Gorgeous Elena – those delicate tendrils and flat pods are so beautiful with their caps of snow.

  5. So ready for winter to be over.

  6. So simple, so effective, so beautiful in an unostentatious way

  7. Hope wrapped up in little brown packages.
    Beautiful for so many reasons. : )

  8. Fascinated me dear Elena, this is amazing photograph. Thank you, love, nia

  9. mothcaterpillar said:

    superb! 🙂

  10. Beautiful composition – it could be one of your paintings.

  11. Simply beautiful….

  12. Super image Elena!

  13. OOOO are these the ones with the little black seeds ‘o poison?!?

  14. I know this sounds crazy…but there’s something so sensual that you’ve captured here. Just lovely. Thanks for your visits today. Made my day!

  15. I agree with Isadora and it’s beautiful, Elena! 🙂

  16. The snow looks like little cotton balls.
    Great capture …

  17. A scene most of us would walk past, you capture a gift from nature in all its elegance. Beautiful Elena!

  18. Beautiful picture! Lovely composition and color contrast!

  19. Oh, snow snow where are you ?
    London having record amount of rain (near 500 mm in a month)
    but not a frost or snow.

  20. Past, present, and future, all in one shot.

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