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Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (53)

  1. Wonderful, Elena. The texture on her skin is amazing, and she has so much personality.

  2. What’s next?

    The uncertainty of the future.

  3. Love everything about her…especially that drip!

  4. Hi, I love your art, I have been looking and looking at this, it’s just inspired. And has inspired me to go away and learn some proper watercolour techniques! Thank you x

  5. Hi! i’m Simi an italian blogger, iÃŽm a cook, i follow your blog,it’very beautiful! good sunday!

  6. Profile works….that’s when they are most alert.

  7. So lovely! Initially I felt this woman looked so strong. Then, as I looked at it longer, something about the look on her face reminded me of my grandma as she searched for things in the kitchen cabinets. An everyday moment captured.

  8. You capture that expression really well.

  9. poppytump said:

    The sum of EVERY brush stroke culminates in a wonderful character here in your painting of this lady Elena !

  10. Oh wow Elena, I’m pulled right into her character – you are so effective in developing this with your brush. The dignity of knowing – love it.

  11. Beautiful Elena! Nice brush strokes, and her expecting look seems to maintain the whole weight of her body! Just the same way as we look at your drawing! ; )

  12. A very powerful portrait.

  13. Excellent! Such a strong,expressive character you’ve captured,wonderful work 🙂

  14. Ah, that expression, Elena! Excellent capture! 🙂

  15. Wonderful depth given by the colors you’ve used 🙂

  16. Wonderful!
    I love how you are able to capture the essence of a particular moment like that.

  17. Grandma Jean! Love it!

  18. mysending said:

    I agree with all the above–what grace and dignity you’ve bestowed/revealed!

  19. Fabulous portrait Elena. There is so much character captured in this painting! Brilliant!

  20. Lovely portrait, Elena! I wanted to say nice capture.

  21. Such dignity and grace. Your love and respect for your subjects always shines through!

  22. What an excellent drawing !

  23. Fantastic! Your work is amazing.

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