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  1. Such glamorous shots of that fabulous iridescence! One of the many reasons I am such an inveterate fan of black birds of all sorts, captured perfectly. Superb compositions, too—the seemingly simple imagery is full of subtle graces that are harder to achieve than they appear to the inexperienced eye, as you well know! Well done!

  2. Beautiful. Yesterday I had an interesting encounter with one tiny belligerent hummer. Turned out I was pruning HER rosebush and buried in the crown was her exquisite tiniest of nests. If I’m brave I’ll try to get a photo. It’s a tree rose, so not quite so easy! 😉 not to mention HER!

  3. I’m not really a bird fan so I know I don’t usually comment on your photos but I love how you captured his eye on the first and perfect timing on getting his spread wings upon take off on the second.

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