Watercolor Wednesday

An extra quick sketch this week.  Shall we dance?binspired by K copy

Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (76)

  1. Gorgeous painting!

  2. Such a delicate,impressive character interpretation with flowing beautiful warm colours 🙂

  3. Forever beautiful!

  4. è veramente splendido!

  5. Very nice portrait sketched, dear Elena! How beautiful you expressed the delicacy and beauty of women. Charming!
    Thank you for sharing with us. Have a wonderful day dear Elena and beautiful Spring! 🙂

  6. Gorgeous, especially how you manage to convey all that hair with lines and shapes.

  7. Love the combination of the pink in the dress and the blue in her hair! Very nice.

  8. So lovely 🙂

  9. For extra quick, you capture her essence! Dance away!

  10. I’d be delighted!

  11. Love too.. I am practicing..

  12. Beautiful and delicate. I love it!

  13. Superb! I like very much.

  14. Who would refuse to dance with the embodiment of purity and innocence?

  15. Very expressive —- telling all the stories !

  16. Classy, as always!

  17. poppytump said:

    Who could refuse …with her soft blue black tresses and gentle inviting demeanour …
    Absolutely lovely Elena .

  18. Reblogged this on recovery_channel and commented:
    beautiful job Elena

  19. Beautiful Elena, as always 🙂

  20. Beautiful result of the hair!!

  21. There is so much I love about her…strength, poise, self-assured…I could go on and on. Love how you gave her such thick curly hair! Beautiful!

  22. A strong girl emerges from a stron watercolor!

  23. Absolutely lovely. 🙂

  24. This one feels quite adventurous somehow… Lovely!

  25. Beautiful!!! So delicate, Elena!

  26. Fabulous, well done.

  27. Yes, let’s do a spring dance shall we? Like a rain dance only it summons warmth and sunshine! She’s a beauty, Elena. Exquisite.

  28. Beautiful, Elena: I love your choice of complementary colors and the dynamism of your sketch. Great!

  29. amberafrica said:

    Amazing and so delicate!

  30. Lovely energy and movement

  31. I like these ‘extra quickies’; you’ve got it in your fingers. Beauty!

  32. Beautiful, she’s ready for the prom! Love the delicate bodice and her free-flowing hair.

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