Comments on: "Photo Friday" (36)

  1. Such a quite and beautiful little guy you have captured here. There colours are so lovely.

  2. Such a beautiful bird and I love the composition…

  3. A cutie with attitude – so beautifully caught Elena!

  4. Such a beautiful little bird. I would love to see them visit my garden but sadly, none have made the trip across the atlantic..

  5. Another delightful bird we don’t know this side of the pond. I wonder why some images immediately evoke a smile?

  6. The cardinals are the feathered jewels of a winter garden. Love the gesture!

  7. Love the little read “Mohawk hairstyle” he is sporting on his head!

  8. Fantastic capture, splendid light!

  9. what a handsome creature

  10. I wonder what he’s looking at! Lovely, Elena! 🙂

  11. how beautiful, nice shot.

  12. I have to agree with Yoshizen – love the fact that you captured the bird in what looks like a moment of contemplation. Beautiful shot, Elena!

  13. You are becoming an expert of long-telephoto birds photography !

  14. Oh how I love the cardinals. Here in Arizona I have a special cardinal feeder and it’s so fun to watch the male feed the female! Nice capture!

    • Sounds like a lovely couple! The pair I’ve been watching all winter work the opposite way. She looks out for him and calls him when the coast is clear. Thanks Robin!

  15. Quite a sharp gaze this one has…lol Happy Friday 🙂

  16. That is one vibrant beak!

  17. Lovely guy, awesome photo! It isn’t easy…

  18. So cute!!!! Love your birds´s pics!!!!

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