A Stirring


The title of this painting is “Stirring” and I painted it as a donation for the The Visual Arts Center’s “For Art’s Sake” silent auction.  It’s oil on canvas 11″x 14″.

Perhaps it was the painting that got a stirring going within me, but I will be taking a Spring Break from blogging and my computer.  When I return refreshed, I’ll be visiting your blogs with renewed fervor and will hopefully have a few new pieces to share with you as well.

Comments on: "A Stirring" (111)

  1. NE.Perkins said:

    Beautiful. What a lovely piece.

  2. Very impressive, I like it best, so far…love it, I should say…love the emotion it portrays.

  3. This is just gorgeous!! So alive and full of movement and texture and emotion. A stunner, Elena.
    (Somehow I missed this post earlier, I’m glad I didn’t miss it altogether… 🙂

  4. Wow! Stunning! Gorgeous warm colors and so alive and dynamic!

  5. wonderfull fire hair!

  6. A very expressive painting. She is indeed giving someone a stirring. Such a fluent dynamic in the painting.

  7. Marvellous painting. She is so vivid that she will come out the picture. Very beautiful choice of colors! Take your time to relax. I always be glad to see you again. 🙂

  8. Wow—the artwork really conveys the title !
    Enjoy your spring break. I think we all need one once in a while. Blogging is great , but a lot of work, too!

  9. So delighted for your opportunity to take a blogging sabbatical! I’ll miss your new work for the while, but gladly spend time revisiting previous posts in the meantime. This new piece is indeed truly Stirring.

    • I’m very much enjoying my sabbatical kathryn! I’m working on new images that I hope will not disappoint. Thanks so very much! I’ll be visiting soon.

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