The Descent series

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  1. Jane Thorne said:

    Oh Elena, this has a feel of the Forties about this one, it’s lovely. Xx

  2. Lovely, yes innocence seems to sum up the age somehow Elena and you’re capturing it brilliantly!

  3. The Descent series is a favorite. I think when we all look back in our old photos we will find her.

  4. Beautiful! Such a lovely painting, Elena. I really like your mix of drawing and painting!

  5. poppytump said:

    …..such a very sensitive expression .. a little diffident … but facing and looking forward …
    Lovely Elena .

  6. This is beautiful.

  7. Pretty amazing. Increible, me gusta mucho. Que buen trabajo, adelante, do dejes de hacerlo.

  8. I love this new series. A wall full of your decendents would be amazing.

  9. Painting is all about extracting a hidden image from a blank sheet. You’ve done that wonderfully here, Elena!

  10. Gorgeous! It’s almost like a time lapse of a little girl growing up. If that makes sense! Beautifully delicate.

  11. I’m a fan. There is something historical and beautiful and waif like. Beautiful!

  12. settleandchase said:

    Wanted to leave comments on these a while back but i struggled to load your blog for some reason – I just utterly love this series Elena, it is just as if a memory, or an essence of history, the essential-ness of each person has made itself softly but assertively onto the if they had chosen a moment to drop back into, just for a second..I can’t put this into words very well but it’s just the elements of art, history and connection that I love..for me, these images are so very soft but slightly heartbreaking, a comfort and a tinge of sadness..this little girl gave me a lovely sense of recognition..I know I really do love them as I’m waffling again 🙂

    • Cath, I not only understand exactly what you are saying, but I am so very grateful for your articulation. Yes, you know exactly how I feel while I’m painting these and exactly what I’m after. Can’t thank you enough, but a humble thank you will have to do:)

  13. Love the smile on her face. Very nice.

  14. —– ? or is she asking me my innocence ?

  15. Beautiful innocence…

  16. So delicate and bright!

  17. The controlled understatement, with just sufficient weight given to essential details, conveys the concept of innocence very effectively.,,

  18. All in her smile! Beautiful, Elena!! 🙂 xx

  19. Like looking from another dimension and being aware of all the subtle things in this world…So very magical and timeless:)

  20. Oh Elena, such sweet, carefree innocence . .. . beautiful!

  21. Perfectly titled and beautifully done. On the cusp…

  22. Beautifully captured tentativeness – lovely!

  23. Fresh face as pre-teen. I like the clean approach.

  24. Very nice sketch, dear Elena!
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  25. Hi Elena, I’m loving these “old” paintings in your Descent series.

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