Crossing II



From the “Blood and Vapor”* series, “Crossing”   Oil, cold wax on canvas   32″ x 48″.

* “Blood And Vapor”.:   Who lingers within you?   Have you ever felt an ancestral presence?  The inescapable tie of family:hundreds of individuals, yesterday and today, here and gone.  A powerful resonance or inconspicuous vapor?

Comments on: "Crossing II" (66)

  1. Your artwork is amazing, Thank you.

  2. Stunning painting Elena!
    Really beautiful😃❤️

  3. Wow—definitely joins the spiritual & ethereal with the here & now. Very powerful .

  4. Stunning work- love the contrasts.

  5. I love coming back to see your work Elena. Sorry i am not well so don’t spend much time around. It is beautiful and I love your style and concept, great ideas xx

    • Sorry to hear that you are not well. Not to worry at all about visiting here. I will always find my way to your blog and enjoy your celebration of color and your skillful expression. I thank you very much for your very kind words. Take care.

  6. Some artists I work with… know exactly from which side of the family… the inspiration comes from. Other artists… it is still a mystery.

  7. The way this lends itself to interpretation is amazing,very impressive in different reasons,the feeling,the mood…atmosphere is perfect!!! 🙂

  8. Like the Black Paintings of Goya, this marvellous series raises many questions whose answers are very difficult, if not impossible, to answer.

    We are, each day, a little closer to the line separating life from death. Will there be someone waiting to help us to cross that border?

  9. This is a very mpressive piece of work, beautiful – and so well done!
    Love, Dina

  10. Wow! Gorgeous. A little scary and a lot fanciful. Amazing! I love that dark figure of the girl with her big feet and those billowing fabrics. Too cool 😀

  11. this gives me a supernatural feeling which is disturbing but also very attractive! Very well done!

  12. Blood and vapour for sure, that’s just incredible!
    Beautiful and unsettling – perfect.

  13. Powerful and stunning image, Elena! Love it!

  14. This makes me think of Goya. There is very much a sense of things beyond our understanding.

  15. wow. that’s a powerful image.

  16. This is soooo intriguing! My first reaction as I scrolled down…we’re off on a magic carpet ride! I too could look at this for a long time! Love!

  17. Love the depth and intensity!

  18. This is magnificent 🙂 There is a story here and it truly draws me in.

  19. settleandchase said:

    Such darkness and internal struggle, somehow..incredible, Elena..

  20. As you know this is one of my favorite series of yours. So many layers to read and all so beautiful! 🙂

  21. wow this is amazing! Love this series!

  22. A fabulous spirit of adventure in this Elena!

  23. You did a wonderful thing, dear Elena. I really like the color combination. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day, dear Elena. 🙂

  24. Strong sense of movement and interplay.

  25. Cold wax, need to check it out, have only done encaustic hot wax. Does cold wax harden, off to google for me.

  26. M m m m, —– this one seems somewhat suspicious.

    • Care to expand Yoshi?

      • To read vague or double image kind is in fact read own mind —- to see looks like hidden
        image (many in here) = was that hidden by you or my paranoia ?
        —– So, I suspect you, I suspect me. = (I know something going on here) —– is it ?

  27. I think this is the best yet, Elena…and that’s saying something. Simply stunning 🙂

  28. beutiful work..

  29. Wow this is awesome – the more I look, the more I see (like I just noticed the boney hand!).

  30. Amazing piece of work Elena! Stunning!

  31. Oh wow! I could stare at that for hours… or decades, if it were on my wall 😉

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