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Comments on: "Discomfort" (52)

  1. True but can’t take my eyes away. Exceptional work and by the way I scrolled down your home page…Wow. Some of your recent works is breath-taking!! Kudos

  2. Poor girl! Wearing such a lovely minimalist gown and no one is looking at her. She deserves to be treated as a princess.


  3. There’s such economy here but it says so much. Love the use of ’empty’ space.

  4. Just amazing! ­čÖé

  5. I can feel it – beautifully conveyed, Elena!

  6. Human Relationships said:

    I love how her face expresses so much of her emotions! Very nice!:)

  7. Great title for this one. Wow, that face! And those sparse lines suggesting the rest of her body are so perfectly placed.

  8. Her face, hands and posture radiate woe. I think you should give her a kitten. We have a new one, and he’s really cheered us up.

  9. I like how the minimal attention to the torso and down draws the emphasis to the hands and upper body. It’s as if she is wondering or stressing about what to do( hands) to ease her burdened mind (head turned toward shoulder). That’s how I see it…Nice!

  10. Yes, such a protective gesture, and with such minimal painting. fantastic.

  11. Simply amazing!

  12. I find this terribly troubling … beautifully and cleverly expressed.

  13. poppytump said:

    … and a feeling of sadness in her dark haunted eyes…stilled but wanting to be anywhere else but there …

  14. Maybe she’s just fed up with the teacher!!

  15. Very graceful work,and so expressive,I can feel her anxiety!

  16. So wonderfully focused on the hands and face… all her emotions. Chapeau, my dear Elena! ­čÖé

  17. I like how you did her facial expression. Though the strokes are quite broad, there is a lot of acuteness there.

  18. Very nice sketch discomfort, dear Elena. Unfortunately all of us have, and such days.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    Have a wonderful day. Big hugs, ┼×tefania. ­čÖé

  19. Great emotional content here.

  20. Nice Elena, your quiet and simple strokes (soft, hard and lost) lead up to face that leaves the viewer wondering.

  21. You did an elegant job of capturing discomfort, really nice painting Elena.

  22. a yup, that’s me after PT for shoulder yesterday…messed up neck, nerves and whole back-don’t think that was supposed to happen DISCOMFORT!!

  23. I love your style in watercolour, there is always a kind of poetical touches… Thank you dear Elena, love, nia

  24. Somewhat common with Zen drawing, I think this one showed that the minimal or
    even void can speak more. The space left unpainted = white = void, is in fact showing
    even more meaning there. Brilliant work Elena.

    • I too believe the space left behind can be ever so much more captivating than the space that is obviously worked. Thanks so very much Yoshi.

  25. Wonder what’s bothering her? She’s lovely even with the frown on her face.

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