birdtopBlogger friends:Do you ever create a post then neglect to publish it?    This is a never published draft- post I just found, created one year ago day…


Comments on: "Little Wierdies:Upgrade" (61)

  1. settleandchase said:

    Hehe! LIttle weirdie! Aw I like him. And yes, I do, lots 🙂

  2. this…. Thank you for sharing. I always keep two posts ready to go. I end up on WP in my ‘weirdest’ moments and anything abrupt would be uncalled for. This rule too sadly, I break sometimes…

  3. Yes, I have a lot of items I never posted for one reason or another. Love the texture in this. Would love to see it in color.

  4. Haha yes, I have done it! Terrific rooster head!

  5. Yes to the unpublished posts; there may be a couple…
    I definitely would have published this terrific guy, though! Weird is wonderful.
    : )

  6. Yes all the time!

  7. Well, I probably should! 😉 I rarely plan ahead but would be pleased to find one laying around! Love your chicken and it’s name!

  8. Yeah, you are not alone: I have many unpublished posts!

  9. Yes- I do it all the time. Glad you decided to post this one though! It’s a lovely drawing.

  10. really nice!

  11. neglected art 😉

  12. He’s lovely Elena! I like the rose on his head …

  13. Lovely sketch Elena! 🙂

  14. Really great detail 🙂

  15. This is so beautiful,he is like saying ” I’m glad you’ve finally found me!” Adorable,great expression 🙂

  16. Glad you found it! It looks fabulous!!!!

  17. Nope.. definitely doesn’t happen to me.. When I first started my photography blog I made a couple of spare posts but wouldn’t use them now because the photos aren’t good enough !

  18. There is simply nothing like a surprise post. A bit like a gift. This one is a delight.

  19. I bet you could hear his little voice from the pile of drawings: “Hey, you left me out!!!” 🙄
    I’m glad you heard it! 🙂
    Happy Monday and June, Elena!

  20. makes me think of Babba Yagga!

  21. I’m glad s/ he finally made it! Lovely drawing! I never forget to post, but sometime think about quietly removing some 🙂

  22. Nice “find” in your archives. I discovered a draft copy of a post we wrote about a year ago but never posted it. Re-reading it, I realized why it remained unpublished. Your find was at least worth the wait. 🙂

  23. Worth the wait!

  24. I have left drafts alone for awhile. But I usually rework them and publish them eventually. He is a cute fellow! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  25. This graceful fellow’s been very patient

  26. Better late than never..! ; ) Nice drawing by the way! Glad you shared!

  27. Yup, guilty! that’s an awesome sketch too btw

  28. Oh Yes, i do neglect some of my draft. 🙂

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