Rainy Day 1940’s



Raining today as well:)

The Descent Series

Comments on: "Rainy Day 1940’s" (41)

  1. Elena, do you happen to remember what colors you used in this and the others that are in the red tones?

    • This is basically cad red light, or brilliant red (depending on the brand of watercolor). Underneath is a flesh tone to get the drawing going. Also a little cerulean blue and ultramarine blue.

      • Wow, you are obviously very experienced in mixing them to get the color you want. I will always be learning…..Thank you for that; I will have to experiment now! What is the flesh tone color, a mixture?

      • Some watercolor companies make an actual “flesh” color-a caucasian mix of white, burnt sienna, and cadmium red light. The white provides a little opacity, so it works well for planning marks.

  2. Brilliant! ❤️

  3. Wonderful!

  4. settleandchase said:

    Yes, joy and light!

  5. I like “summer rain”- it’s all nice and warm, and afterwards everything smells nice. I bet she likes “summer rain” too- her smile is super wide! 😉

  6. I agree with the others… really conveys a sense of joy and happiness!

  7. Summer joy springing from everywhere. Especially that smile!

  8. Your use of white space is lovely, Elena!

  9. What a smile – she is enjoying herself so much!

  10. Perfect Elena, a great historical feel about the piece.

  11. It has been raining here too 🙂 You always manage to create so developed wonderful characters,excellent as always !

  12. she could have been one of my aunties

  13. Great attitude! She radiates happiness!

  14. She is radiating sunshine in the rain, what a happy person!

  15. Hi dear friend! greetings from Italy!

  16. You are fortunate to have rain! We are in a drought where I live! I love your sketch!

  17. Nice! Like how you represented the rain and the freshness of your watercolors!

  18. What a joyful image —– even in 1940s.

  19. Ah, but that’s happy rain falling!!!
    [rainy here too – that is if the heavy lingering clouds decide to!]
    🙂 Happy new week, Elena!

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