bskittering copy

This quick little guy was inspired by a kind offer by Mary of Oil Pastels by Mary when she posted photos of geckos and lizards on her blog.

Mary works amazing painterly magic with oil pastels, a medium which has always been for me, completely confounding!:) Mary is also a lovely, supportive blogger friend. Thank you Mary!

Comments on: "Skittering" (46)

  1. This is beautiful dear Elena! 😃
    What a beautiful colors❤️

  2. What a beauty! You express the personality perfectly, Elena. I love these creatures.

  3. Such a beautıful self confıdent creature!

  4. Well titled!

  5. ❤ it!!!! Wonderful colours!!!!

  6. Great painting and a nice collaboration. Like Mary’s blog very much.

  7. Such an elegant and acrobatic little creature Elena and what a wonderful collaboration!

  8. She really is skittering along! Great little creature!

  9. This little guy is awesome – wonderful bright colors that both harmonize and pop!

  10. Terrific little guy! Love those feet.

  11. Love it, very cool!!!!

  12. He looks like a fun little lizard! 🙂 Love Mary’s post as well- such lovely photos !

  13. very faithful image, congrats! I guess geckos are cute… 🙂

  14. He really looks 3D! The dots and trails of color boost the sense of motion. Great work!

  15. I just love it when I see people whom I admire their work ‘tickle’ each other’s brains! 😉
    I remember Mary’s gecko and I know it would feel very proud with your interpretation 🙂

  16. looks soo real 🙂

  17. I lived in Hawaii and saw many geckos. This one is absolutely gorgeous. Love it!

  18. Beautiful Elena!!!!!! Lovely colors and movement!!

  19. Oh Elena you really know how to make my day! Thank you for your kind and gracious comments, mean so much as a blogging friend, but also from someone whose artistic talents astounds me on so many levels.

    Oh my the Gecko! Whoa – she is fantastic or what?! I just love her – check out body, the lines and you even got her toe nails Very cool, I’m flattered that you used one of my photographs as inspiration.

  20. Love Mary’s work. This lil gecko is adorable!!!

  21. You are amazing too 🙂 I loved it. But I can see how inspirational for you. Thank you dear Elena, love, nia

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