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Comments on: "It’s Not You, It’s Me" (55)

  1. The man looks like he shouldn’t be there. Maybe a creeper?

  2. settleandchase said:

    Oh, the heart sink..! Love how you’ve kept her colours muted and his so strong, just how it feels..!

  3. I love this one–it’s just comforting to think upon the scene presented. Another beautiful piece.

  4. Everybody’s already said it so well, it seems *de trop* to comment. But I will! A marvelous image, and yes, it tells so many stories. Depth upon depth. I love your comment about doing watercolor ‘your way’ and will try to get up the courage to give it a try myself one of these times! Thanks as always for sharing your magnificent art. 🙂

  5. The look on her face … that mix of disbelief and incomprehension … superbly rendered Elena 🙂

  6. Superbly painted Elena. I’ve been having a go with watercolour this week, your images are such an inspiration. A long long long long long way from posting anything but maybe one day. 🙂

    • Thank you! You know, I avoided watercolor for years, until I decided to do it MY way. Now, it’s second nature. Do you YOUR way, and you can’t go wrong:)

  7. The expression is perfect. Beautiful painting.

  8. Splendid painting,lots of expressions,like a memory comes alive.

  9. Wish I could listen in on their conversation – beautiful figure painting, light with detail and perfect form.

  10. Such a difficult emotion to convey and you’ve done it perfectly! You’re amazing

  11. Love your work! You have amazing talent. And I always like your unexpected colors!

  12. Beautifully captured moment with great detail. How you get the detail with those loose gestural lines I do not know. 😀

  13. mothcaterpillar said:

    love the emotions! I feel kind of sorry for the kid… it is truly beautiful!
    but somehow the title feels strange, although once I look at your work, I forget about it and just get lost in its tender awkwardness 🙂

  14. Beautiful work Elena, the reticence of heartbreak in the heat of youth.

  15. Such a tender and moving moment you have painted here. So beautiful! Your strokes bring out the feeling of tension between the two.

  16. Wonderful expression and watercolor freshness!

  17. Great work, like usualy.

  18. A popular phrase, I wonder is it still used?!!!!
    Postures and expressions are perfect, Elena! 🙂

  19. We all know that feeling!!

  20. Superb title!

  21. beautiful amazing work!

  22. An awkward moment, beautiffly told.

  23. amberafrica said:

    Beautiful! You have so much amazing talent!

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