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Comments on: "Sashay" (46)

  1. It is so genteel!

  2. she looks like she is dancing, and concentrating hard on practising her steps. Maybe she is meeting someone special later on, and feels a bit nervous? So many stories you could tell here – a very special talent indeed!

  3. elmediat said:

    Beautiful composition. The soft colours & choice of subject carry the viewer to another time and place. 🙂

  4. Levitating with intensity. She does have an eerie look in her face, almost doll-like. I wonder what spooked her? A beautiful water colour.

  5. Floating pure but the eyes!

  6. Elena, she reminds me of an old porcelain doll. Delicate… and spooky!

  7. She saw a ghost! Or perhaps she is the ghost . . .

  8. Spooky and bewitching! 🙂

  9. poppytump said:

    I’m seeing her twirling round round and … round some more in a musical box … with another little girl smiling with delight …
    Love it Elena .

  10. I like her – great series

  11. So sweet Elena!

  12. Wide-eyed dancer – she looks a bit timid! From another time for sure.

  13. another beautiful portrayal of an era gone by. very nice!

  14. A very unnerving, cold stare! If I have funny dreams tonight, I shall know who to hold responsible… but beautiful stuff, as ever.

  15. Learning the ballet?! Beautiful expression, Elena! 🙂

  16. Love it! She looks like she’s dancing with an invisible person 😉

  17. The spookiest one yet!

  18. Very striking.

  19. Well I’m officially caught up on your postings and I just live that little “skittering!” My favorite! Well “rainy day” too….oh, they are all great!

  20. This looks like a doll from a horror movie… Great job with the facial feathers.

  21. I can hear her dress move as she comes down the hall – love how you are able to paint so few strokes that gives the lightest of impression and yet we are able to see the whole.

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