End of the Day

bholding copyThe Descent Series


Comments on: "End of the Day" (66)

  1. You have such nice control!

  2. Beautiful work Elena, she has a wonderful sense of calm firmness with the adorable baby in her arms.

  3. Excellent expressions !

  4. Elena I like how with few stroks and marks you make it look so real and good pleasure to see 🙂

  5. There’s something so dreamy and lyrical about your work; I love it!

  6. settleandchase said:

    Feminine and lovely..and also wriggly 🙂

  7. ryangroves3d said:

    Beautiful work, great use of colour.

  8. All your drawings convey emotions, dear Elena. Very beautiful and this sketch.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Elena. Big hugs, Stefania. 🙂

  9. Lovely – the baby’s expression is priceless!

  10. I need to really study this. Your work is amazing!

  11. I read the dependency of male on female – male child upon mother. I love that it captures a moment, a conventional pose, a stereotypical gender role. But I can see that the mother faces the viewer with a calm honesty, whereas the little boy’s attention has wandered elsewhere; that is a brilliant effect, given the deliberately imprecise technique of the painting.

    I would like, at some future date, to uplift three or four of these pictures for a Showcase at ‘the zen space’, as I think their ‘in-the-moment’ quality would compliment the poetry perfectly. May I have your permission?


  12. I quite like this one. Very lovely.

  13. Wonderful, Elena 🙂

  14. Beautiful

  15. mothcaterpillar said:

    I miss my mom…

  16. Wonderful!

  17. Oh, so sweet baby, and real expression.
    Wonderful work.

  18. Good one! 🙂

  19. Lovely water color. Such expressions on their faces. I wonder what the little boy is looking at?

  20. This is so my mother back in the day! Love!

  21. Wonderful work… 🙂

  22. I like how the two people are in contrasting colors, and yet both colors are in both figures. Beautiful painting Elena.

  23. I guess the blue is the focal point. This has amazing written all over it. How long did this take? Do you sell your work?

    • Thank you so much! This took about twenty minutes. It’s a little larger than the others at about 16″ x 20″. Yes, I do sell work. Anything you see on this post can be ordered in print form through Blue Canvas if it’s requested. Originals are also available, but pricing and framing becomes more complicated. Thanks you for asking:)

  24. poppytump said:

    A lovely armful of barely contained wriggliness ! Such a wistful expression on little ones face .. not quite ready to leave the moment behind 😉
    I don’t want this Descent Series to end Elena !

  25. Love it Elena – these beautiful pieces take me back to a quieter time. I love the ease and softness you’ve created in each of the characters. Wonderful color combinations.

  26. Very determined mother standing firm. (Who said weaker sex ?)

  27. A beautifully rendered moment. All a little weary from a busy day, perhaps?
    I hope you exhibit this series, Elena, it will be an exceptional exhibit. A magical time travel experience.

  28. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing it.

  29. Gorgeous! I love the blue in this one. Perfectly captured moment.

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