The Descent Series


Comments on: "Resigned" (54)

  1. One can only wonder and be mesmerized, you’ve over time and brilliantly made use a
    ‘color’ to replace and demonstrate a monochrome idea.

  2. Simple but so beautiful! ❤️

  3. settleandchase said:

    Soft, resonant and briefly held..beautiful Elena.

  4. Another sketch that conveys much emotion! The person portrayed seem a little tired, dejected and sad! Very nice sketch created.
    Thank you for sharing with us, dear Elena! 🙂

  5. You expressed so much in such a simple watercolor. How beautiful.

  6. A picture I can really relate to personally Elena. You’ve really captured a feeling here. Superb!

  7. A bit of a heartache for sure. Incredibly touching.

  8. Her sad gaze seems to convey a remembrance of times past when life afforded her the opportunity to be more independent.

  9. Loudly prevalent: wish and acceptance. A daring harmony. 🙂

  10. Someone who lost in life,lost in a dream.Resigned indeed.So impressive.

  11. Very lovely and touching : )

  12. poppytump said:

    I find many of your images provoke quiet contemplation Elena and this one is no exception .
    So very tenderly rendered . an expression and body language no one could be in doubt about . Resigned indeed .

  13. You’ve captured that resignation so beautifully Elena, this is just what my dear friend with Motor Neurone looked like right towards the end of his long battle. He could still raise a smile though for others…

  14. You’ve captured the look perfectly! Awesome!!

  15. Wow, amazing. So quiet and strong.

  16. The expression on the face superbly captures the feelings.
    I thought i saw myself in there…
    Resigned and in sorrow
    with a soul and mind refusing to follow the physical decline.
    Motorised chair for now – wheels to follow …

    I had never conceived such situation from an Artistic angle.
    Seeing this painting somehow made me feel a little better.

    • I’m so pleased that it helped a bit. I suppose it’s universal. We all understand, at one point or another. Thanks so much, Tigress. I hope today is a very good day.

  17. How you are able to bring out so much emotion is beyond me! This really hit home…

    • Unfortunately, we all see that look in ourselves or loved ones at some time. I know what you mean. It was a tough one. Thank you, Robin.

  18. I feel like I just saw myself. As always, this is gorgeously done. I would love to see how you do these, if they are as organic or you sketch your idea? No pressures… I’m just curious. Always curious!

    • I’m working VERY loosely from family photos, only pulling what I want and then changing from there. I don’t sketch, but just put the brush to paper. That works better for me. Thanks much, Linda!:)

  19. A dab here and there from your brush always manages to confer so many intense feelings!

  20. great image, but I want to believe that a smile is playing around her mouth…

  21. The body language is just right. Brilliant.

  22. Ah, she does indeed seem to have that look, but I wish it’s just calm…
    Beautiful, Elena! 🙂

  23. mothcaterpillar said:

    so emotional… I hope he is OK though 🙂

  24. Well captured ! 🙂

  25. Beautiful and hits a cord Elena – the expression breaks my heart.

  26. oh this feels sad!! I hope the person was…wait is this of a person or from your mind?

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