Painting Women Slide Show

A fabulous slide show of the Women Painting Women Fifth Anniversary exhibit at the Principle Gallery, South Carolina, USA.  The show runs from September 5-30th.    I won’t be able to make it to the opening, so it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to view the work of each especially terrific participating artist.  Principle Gallery has also published a gorgeous catalog.  Kudos to each and every artist and also to the gallery, who has been nothing but supportive of the Women Painting Women movement!

Comments on: "Painting Women Slide Show" (45)

  1. You are very kind to share this video with all of us, allowing us to view this amazing complilation of work. You must feel so proud as you should! Your painting is incredible. Congratulations, again! Marian

  2. settleandchase said:

    Wow – Fantastic collection of artists – congratulations and good luck!

  3. Very impressive show – your work pops!

  4. Jane Thorne said:

    What amazing talent… ❤

  5. Great to see the show. I have some graduates living in Charleston and I will ask them to send you a photo if they get to the gallery.

  6. This will be a fantastic show, how nice to see the work. I love that piece of yours, Elena! will you get to see the show at some point?

    • As much as I’d like to, I probably won’t be able to see the show. It’s a hike from my home to South Carolina. But, the catalog and slide show make me feel a part of it.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Wow…so much talent! But clearly…yours really stands out. My heart takes a flip when your work pops up in this video!

  8. Congratulations, your incredible work stands tall within this collection of art. Thrilling to see your beautiful portrait in the video. Very happy for you.

  9. Wow, what a fabulous collection – you are all in each other’s wonderful company and so happy for you and your brilliant work.

  10. awesome artists. & congrats to you Elena

  11. Thanks for sharing this great exhibition Elena. Your painting looks great!

  12. Looks like it’s going to be a great exhibition – love your painting, Elena!

  13. Kudos to all the painters and special kudos to you for participating with such an amazing painting! 🙂

  14. Wonderful collection in all sorts of view toward the woman and the way
    to paint her. Your unique approach must got a question many times why
    your girl was behind of white bail. 🙂 (Woman in the “Movement” want to
    show rather raw exposed way = more political than artistic.)

  15. Congratulations!!!! And the work chosen is absolutelly great!!!! ❤ it!!!!

  16. What wonderful, wonderful art!

  17. Excellent video! I’m so glad to know other women very talented artist. The work presented in the video are very nice.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us, dear Elena.
    Big hugs, Stefania. ❤ 🙂

  18. Again congrats Elena! Looks like an amazing show!

  19. Excellent – I like the company you keep too!

  20. What an amazing array of talent…congrats Elena…so well deserved.

  21. Congratulations on being part of this amazing show. Too bad you can’t be there.

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