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b8-27laughing copy

This one is more tightly wound than I would like.  I was so enchanted with the light on the hair and face, that I got carried away.  I should have gone alla prima with this. Instead I blocked it in (thinly under painted hues and values), and kept refining to achieve more detail, in order to work all those little hairs.  If I were to paint this again, I’d let go of the detail, keeping the painting looser, in order to capture the feeling of joy and abandon. Instead, the expression took a back seat to all of those tiny little hair highlights.

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Beautiful, her expression jumps out for me, then I notice the highlights. Funny, what you the artist take note of – when people comment on my writings, they almost never remark on what seems obvious to me, and instead focus on other things I give less attention to.

    1. I guess that while working in isolation, we focus on either what we are trying to say or achieve, forgetting that another may have a very different reaction to what is put before them. It’s all good:) Thank you James!

  2. You did indeed bring out the light in the hair and the details of the hair itself. And then it’s so easy to be caught by her joy. Such strong expression – even if you are not quite content with it…

  3. There’s no taking away the expansive joy in the smile of this lovely lady. My eye went directly to her smile and the radience on her face. Next, I spotted her hair which only endeared me to her as she has some charming highlights and wisps of grey. Magnificent, Elena!

  4. Elena I love your comments at the bottom of the painting that is not to say I don’t like what you painted. I think your level is so high that you can think on much more simple way while we all enjoy what we see. I always enjoy visiting and trying each time to learn something little from your great ability, thank you x

  5. You prove an artist is never satisfied. I don’t thing anything is lacking in this portrait, but if you do another version, I’d love to see it.

  6. Wow! Every one of the facial features is amazing! And the hair! I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself because it’s a winner either way, but I do understand that feeling you speak of. 🙂

  7. I love how I can just hear the sweet laughter from looking at this painting 🙂 An image that certainly spreads the joy.

  8. what hair??? the only thing I can see is the smile 🙂 and the only thing I would like to do is smile 🙂 just smile 🙂

  9. Elena, I think you are right, the highlighted details in the hair seem a bit too much prominent and grabbing considerable part of attention and yet, when I saw the painting, her expression was what captured my attention immediately and overwhelmingly. She is just gorgeous! 🙂

  10. Wait! Her hair, too, IS joyful and expressive–no back seat for facial expression, just another feature on the girl that’s got us all smiling.

  11. Since you pointed it out, I focused on that. However, I think the wild obstinate, other colored hair went along with the joy and freedom of expression of the subject. They also match the light both literal and aura of the subject. I might feel a wee tinge of anger at the wish to change it at all hahaha-silly meeeeee.

  12. Oh wow Elena, seriously now this is just fantastic. Your ability to capture the human spirit is incredible – she is totally relaxed as her smile, eyes and relaxed facial muscles show, use of light perfect – shining on her face and hair, and her hair is incredible for its fullness and textured peppered with awesome color dynamics.

  13. That happens to me too Elena, sometimes you just keep working and afterwards is when you realize you developed too much details. In any case it´s very well done, and I´m one who thinks that in order to express more with less, you must dominate the technique. ; )

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