Falling and Dancing


That’s what I’ve been doing-falling and dancing, dancing and falling.   I’m painting with a fervent urgency.  In the past month, I have worked through eight oil paintings.  Four I’ve discarded, four are still in play.  I’ll share with you what remains viable when I finish.

The transition of seasons reflects my process, lately.  I’m hoping that pruning work that fails to stretch me this fall will result in stronger work come spring. Hope the new season inspires your creativity as well.

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Remarkable creative endurance & output. The results are captivating , full of emotional resonance This post is an apt metaphor of process & artistic focus .

  2. To me it’s amazing with all this energy you show. And I believe you have already shown some of these paintings. And even as a photographer you come up with lovely images – such as this. Surely shows the transition of seasons.

  3. I too have started some only to discard them, it’s an autumnal re-birth I feel. Much energy for your creativity over there Elena. ❤

  4. Your painting work sounds very physical – at least that’s the vision I have – maybe I feel that way due to the cool winds blowing in, or maybe I’m just jealous, as writing involved too much sitting – I should probably get a treadmill desk 🙂 Lovely photo.

    1. 🙂 Some standing, working on big paintings. More frustration with false starts and some disappointing finishes. But I’m keeping on:) I like the idea of a treadmill desk! Thanks, James.

  5. Fantastic to hear of you working away over there. Autumn is always a really productive time I think, after the laze inducing heat of summer..enjoy it!

  6. I like the free flowing movement of the natural composition, the palette, the pattern of this image. I like too the parallel with the experiences you express in the text.

  7. Falling is good. You have to find your way back up and sometimes it is a new path that gets you there. Falling or dancing your work is always inspirational. I can’t even run with scissors let alone dance with a brush!

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