From Above

bhaircurl copy


11″x14″ Oil on canvas

I’ve been fussing with this painting for weeks.  Lots of thin layers, lots of glazing.  I’m still not quite sure if it’s done.  Time will tell me…

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Wow, the hair… All of those colors and the way it lays over her hands is so perfect.

  2. Thanks, Elena! I love this painting and I always learn something by observing your work. Changing the viewer’s view to horizontal is brilliant. The “reds” (hair, rug, lips) tie the painting together so beautifully.

  3. One of the many things I so admire in your portraiture is your ability to give skin such an inner glow. Your subjects are so alive and tangible and approachable because of that. Another stunner.

  4. Really beautiful Elena. You captured her in a relaxed state perfectly, from the softly closed eyelids to the soft face muscles, just terrific. Love the hair so lush and full – great definition and textures. Incredible painting.

  5. You know…every time I see your paintings I think it can’t get any better and sure enough you always do it with another posting. I LOVE this…finished or not. But if you do make changes please share again in the future! This one just sends me to the moon with awe. The hair over her wrist…sensual, feminine and oh so beautiful!

  6. Oh Elena, this piece just vibrates with love. So much love, I felt it and tears came to my eyes. ❤

  7. Beautiful, Elena. It doesn’t look “fussy.” 🙂 Lots of beautiful, rich colors in this piece, and lots of detail, too. And although you worked weeks on this painting, it looks as if you painted it very loosly in a short amount of time. Who is your model? She is lovely.

  8. I love it! I don’t know what glazing is. I never know when you type what you are doing if you want feedback, maybe direction, or are just informing. With the walktober thing I am doing, sharing rather right away what is true for me is the theme sort of. So, I love the hair and the rich tapestry/carpet. I love the shading, shadows around her. It adds to the right oppulent feeling. I noticed that the skin showed off what in my photography what would be over exposure or over highlight, causing my eye to wonder how or why it was so bright as if a light shone down on her, but the deep dark rich shadow is present and confuses a bit. I do not paint so I do not know anything about how difficult it is to do skin tones. I also do not know how you feel about the subject, if anything at all. I love watching you work. I also wonder if a painter has a fear of doing too much–and can that be undone, or not doing enough. Maybe the word is overworking? I think too much about enoughness and thus painting a drawing stick figures or out of shape this or that registers for me as a failure. I understand that a person cannot be talented at everything. I also understand that sometimes a person has natural talent and other times one must work for years with a medium to work out how it flows and moves on the paper/canvas. I’ll stop now 😀

    1. Thanks Elisa, for your thoughtful comment. I love feedback, but mostly post to share what I’m doing, experimenting with. I agree that this composition does get busy-one of my concerns.

      Glazing is a process of using thin layers of paint, letting it dry and then using translucent paint and a clear medium over top to merge values or to darken or to bring dull areas back to life. Then, another layer of thin paint. to try and achieve a translucent effect. Generally many layers are applied. In this piece, I was less concerned with reality and more focused on contrast and interest. But yes, the values are especially contrasted and the effect did bother me. Thanks again!

      1. i didn’t say congested!!! (uhm unless that is what i was describing and I didnt’ know it) I think that you do the best job with hair. Painters often paint hair flatly and lacking dimension and POW! You, do not.

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